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Are you a current Vancouver Island University Education student? Here you will find all of the resources to access your student record, find schedules, access academic advisors, and find resources to complete research.

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Where is my class schedule?

If you have successfully registered for your courses, your class schedule can be found in My VIU Student Record under Academics > Course Enrollment History. Look for the corresponding semester and then click Course Schedule. 

How do I register for my courses?

You will be given a course code. This code will automatically populate all courses you must be in for a semester in the corresponding timeslot for your cohort. 

How do I apply to Graduate?

You will apply to graduate through your My VIU Student Record. More information on the Graduation process

What is the VIU Student Handbook and where can I find it?

View the Student Handbook. See also: Additional handbooks

How do I stay informed about upcoming activities for Teacher candidates and students?

Club Ed plans, organizes and offers events for aspiring teachers. Upcoming activities are also listed on Facebook VIUClubEd 

How do I apply for certification as a teacher in BC? When should I start this process?

You can start compiling proof that you meet the BCTC standards and requirements while in the program. Your instructors will help you to create either a digital or hardcopy portfolio to act as your proof.

I'm confused about how to proceed, is there an advisor I could speak with?

Yes! Please get in touch with Advising

If you need help with your coursework, many resources are available to you at Vancouver Island University. Studying to become a teacher can be busy and demanding at times, and these resources are there to help you reduce some of that stress and do your best. At VIU, we prioritize our student's mental and emotional well-being, which is why we provide academic resources and health resources such as counselling. 

Are you a current Education student wondering about the potential of completing one of your practicum placements internationally? Please find all of the information you need on our International Field Experience

Student Teacher on Practicum

Field Experience

Practicum is a unique educational aspect of the Education program. For many current students, this is a busy and demanding time. To make things easier, we have a page with all of the resources you'll need access to as a practicum student in one place. 

Graduate Programs

For those engaged in rewarding careers in the educational field, graduate studies or a master degree is the next step in achieving higher learning and understanding in their area of expertise. At Vancouver Island University, we offer various responsive, innovative, and accessible programs to help educators become better teachers, trainers, and leaders.

Graduate Programs

  • Inclusive Education
  • Online Teaching and Learning

Graduate Diplomas

MEd programs

  • Educational Leadership
  • Special Education

Master of Education

Reach new heights in your career and accomplish personal and professional goals with a rewarding and challenging program.



Kinesiology is the study of the Art and Science of human movement. At VIU, a Bachelor of Kinesiology will prepare students for a variety of career opportunities. Our Kinesiology department is associated with the Faculty of Education.