Faculty and Student Interacting

Faculty Research

The Faculty of Education is continuously involved in various research projects that push the understanding of education forward. Our instructors and faculty members come from a variety of backgrounds and pursue a variety of research topics.

Some of the main areas that we prioritize are:

  • Community-based Research
  • Indigenous Work
  • Action Research
  • Physical Literacy

Learn more about what the faculty has learned in the past and some of the current and ongoing projects on this page. 

Vancouver Island University Graduate Students

Securing Funding

There are many ways to secure funding to complete your research. At VIU, we offer internal funding options and resources to help you find external funding and grants.

Grant FacilitationExternal Funding OpportunitiesInternal Funding Opportunities

Reseaqrch Paper Graphic

Recently Published Work

Our Masters of Education Students frequently publish insightful and high-quality research papers on VIUSpace.