Frequently Asked Questions

I. Admission

A.  How do I register?

To become an IEGD student, please submit the following to the Registration Centre:

  1. A Completed Admission Form. Applicants must enclose a $106.05 non-refundable application fee.

B.  Do I have to apply to the Inclusive Education Graduate Diploma Program if I only want to take one course?

  1. Yes. However, you must complete all courses successfully in order to receive the Inclusive Education Graduate Diploma.

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II. Transferring Credits from other institutions

A.  I'd like to transfer courses from other universities. How do I do this?

  1. In order to get credit for work done in other post secondary institutions, you will need to submit the following to Elisabeth Kroeker (
    • a letter stating your request
    • university transcripts
    • outlines of each of the courses that you would like to have considered.


Your request will be reviewed by the program coordinator and/or instructors that teach the course. They will then make a recommendation to the Dean of Education.

Eligible Courses:

Only upper level courses that have been taken outside of your undergraduate degree, and have not been counted towards any other diploma or degree will be eligible

B.  Can I get credit for courses that are not part of your diploma program?

  1. There are 9 credits that are open to a variety of topics of interest. Upper level or graduate courses taken at other institutions that deal with the topic of Special Education can be considered for this.

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III. Pre-requisites

A.  What are the pre-requisites in order for me to enter this program?

  1. Students must hold an undergraduate degree, be certified by the Teacher Regulation Branch, and preferably currently work within the school system.
  2. Skills and knowledge in current classroom management, literacy and numeracy practices are critical.

There are prerequisites for GDSE 592 Individual Assessment and Intervention Planning. Please see the Course Description for prerequisite information. Priority registration may be given to IEGD students with 12 or more IEGD credits.

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IV. Completing Diploma

A. Do I have to take the courses in a specific sequence in order to complete the program?

  1. You can take the courses in any order with the exception of GDSE 592 which is considered a second year course.  In order to complete the Inclusive Education Graduate Diploma, you must complete all 30 credits as outlined on the calendar page,

B. How long can I take to complete this program?

  1. You have up to 5 years to complete this program

C.  How do I know when I'm ready to graduate?

  1. Graduation application procedures:
    • Review the VIU IEGD Graduation Criteria Checklist in order to ascertain whether you have the six required courses and three electives. You must have completed all the courses in white boxes (either new or previous).
    • If you think you meet the requirements, see VIU Graduation.

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A.  Will this count towards my TQS Category Five Plus?

  1. This Diploma program will provide you with 30 credits.  Please check with TQS directly to verify what you will need in order to qualify for TQS Category Five Plus.

B.  Do I need to get this pre-approved with TQS?

  1. This Teacher Professional Upgrading Post-Degree Diploma is recognized by TQS, and will cover 21 of the 30 credits required for your TQS Category Five Plus. For more information see Teacher Qualification Services.

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VI. Location, frequency of courses

A.  Is this program possible for teachers working full time?

  1. Yes, courses usually take place on Saturdays or online. There are summer intensives, which are offered full-time over one or two weeks.

B.  Where are the classes held?

  1. Classes are held at a variety of different locations on Vancouver Island or online. Please refer to Schedule of Upcoming Courses for specific course locations & dates.

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VII. Individual Courses

A.  When are the courses offered?

  1. Courses are offered throughout the year on Saturdays, and during the summer months for weekly sessions. See our Schedule of Upcoming Courses

B.  I only need to take the Level B assessment course, will it be offered again?

  1. GDSE 592 Individual Assessment & Intervention Planning is typically offered once a year. Please see the Course Description for prerequisite information. Priority registration may be given to IEGD students with 12 or more IEGD credits. 

C.  I am attending a summer institute and wish to use this towards. credit, can I do this?

  1. In order to qualify, please submit information about the summer institute to the program coordinator for approval. Once you have attended the approved institute, you may apply for GDSE 582.  You will be assigned a mentor to work with you on designing a project using what you learned in the institute.

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