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Inclusive Education Graduate Diploma (IEGD)

First graduating SETS class.This graduate diploma program is designed for teachers and others working in educational settings who wish to increase their understanding of the diverse needs of the learners. For certified teachers from BC and elsewhere in Canada, this university graduate diploma credential prepares graduates to be well-prepared for positions in school-based support services for students, such as Learning Assistance/Resource Teachers. For those seeking a Master of Education, the credential supports an application to the Master of Education in Special Education with advanced standing at VIU.

The IEGD is an online distance-based program with continuous intake/enrollment. The program consists of required and elective course work and is non-cohort based. IEGD program requirements can be completed entirely online with some electives offered in person during the Intersession (summer) term at one or more of the VIU campuses. For more specific details, click the blue Menu link on right side of this page.

Program Outcomes

  • To develop an understanding of the diverse needs of students in the classroom and current issues in the field of Special Education
  • To provide the understanding and the skills necessary for individual assessments including Level B instruments
  • To establish connections with experts in the field of Special Education including links to numeracy, literacy, behaviour, developing adapted curriculum, etc.
  • To develop an understanding of the collaborative and consultative processes involved in addressing and implementing support for diverse learning needs in the classroom
  • To be able to apply appropriate assistive and adaptive technologies to support learning
  • To develop a capacity for systematic inquiry as a practicing professional working with students
  • To promote professional development and conversations

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