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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, VIU has announced all courses running during the summer intersession, fall 2020 and spring 2021 terms will be delivered ONLINE ONLY. This shift to alternate delivery does not alter codes however some course may result in a ‘conflict message’ within your VIU Student Record in relation to course location.  Please disregard the ‘conflict message’ and note the course details below.

For further updates on VIU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please monitor your email for messages and consult the VIU COVID-19 website.   

Intersession 2021

Intersession 2021 Important Information

Intersession courses beginning in May 2021:

  • GDSE 584 I21W70 Assistive Technology   May 3-June 30
  • GDSE 591  I21W70 Literacy Numeracy       May 3-June 30
  • GDSE 594 I21W70 Learning Disabilities     May 3-June 30
  • GDSE 595 I21W70 Vulnerable Youth         May 3-June 30

Intersession courses beginning in July 2021:

  • GDSE 584 I21W71 Assistive Technology              July 2-30
  • GDSE 589 I21W70 Autism Spectrum Disorders  July 2-30
  • GDSE 692 I21W70 Intervention Planning            July 2-30

Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Important Information

  • GDSE 583 S21W70 Social and Emotional Development  Jan 7- Apr 16
  • GDSE 583 S21W71  Social and Emotional Development  Jan 7- Apr 16
  • GDSE 693 S21W70 Individual Assessment                       Jan 7- Apr 16
  • GDSE 594 S21W70 Learning Disabilities                           Jan 7- Apr 16
  • GDSE 588 S21W70 FASD (online)                                      Jan 7- Apr 16

Laddering to the Master of Education in Special Education

Graduates of the Inclusive Education Graduate Diploma (IEGD) are eligible to apply to ladder to the Master of Education in Special Education (MEDS) degree program at VIU.  To complete the MEDS (laddering option) students need to complete 3 MEDS courses (15 MEDS credits) in support of thesis or project work. The MEDS (laddering option) is a cohort-based program which starts in the Spring semester (January) only with applications closing mid-November of the previous year.  The program is offered online.  Please contact for more information about this opportunity.

Sample MEDS Laddering Schedule:

Spring Semester 1

Location Course
Online MEDS 540 Teacher as Researcher in Special Education

Fall Semester

Location Course
Online MEDS 630 Field Inquiry

Spring Semester 2

Location Course
Online MEDS 640 Major Project

Schedule is subject to change.

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