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Student Testimonials

“Participating in Vancouver Island University Online Learning and Teaching graduate Program has been an incredible experience …the courses and program have far exceeded my expectations”

“Primarily, it has completely shattered my former conception of how education should and can be delivered using technology. Secondly, it has made me so much more functionally confident with an array of programs and learning tools. Finally, through exploring educational models and philosophy it has forced me to refocus and reshape my own personal philosophy of education.”

“OLTD 501 has given me so much more than I could have expected from an introductory course.”

“One of our key learnings to date has been to grasp the concept of online learning and then relate it to our everyday practice.”

"All too often, courses generated for higher learning contain disparate elements that students are required to take as part of the overall program, in the hopes that we will somehow synthesize a cohesive philosophy, pedagogy, and practice from those offerings. That synthesis is left up to us, and whether students have the ability or will to make the leaps of understanding or the bridges to connect the elements into a whole is normally pretty hit and miss, dependent more on the individual student's proclivities than on the program development or delivery."

With the OLTD program, the courses have been deliberately designed to build on one another in a masterfully scaffolded progression of learning. Kudos to the program staff and developers are well earned, but it would also be fair to say that the cohort members have brought their unique, focused determination to mastering the elements of the program and to realizing their individual and shared goals in an exemplary fashion. It has truly been a delight to work with the level of professionalism both staff and students have brought to the OLTD experience."

We are excited to host our eleventh cohort of enthusiastic students for our September 2022 start up of OLTD.  Most are practicing teacher/instructors/trainers in both f2f and online learning environments.

The program begins in September annually. The 10 courses offer students a wide variety of tools, strategies, resources and practical assignments and activities to enable them to web-enhance their current f2f classrooms, as well as to teach in blended and fully online environments. Our instructors bring a wealth of education, and years of collective practical experience instructing, managing and administering online learning classrooms and environments. Their commitment to the program, our students, and to best-practice in online delivery is a foundation of OLTD.

We are proud of our students and their commitment to online teaching excellence and hope you might consider joining us. Applications are accepted throughout the year until seats are filled annually.

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