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Room Bookings for Education Faculty: How To Book a Classroom or Computer Lab

Note: This information is specific to Education Faculty only, if you are from another department please see Registration's Room Bookings.

1. Determine your needs & potentially suitable rooms/labs

Before you attempt to book a room or lab, determine your needs (e.g. how many seats/computers you need--including a spot for you, do you need specific software, etc.), several possible dates/times for the session as well as potential rooms or labs.

If you want to book a computer lab, the Nanaimo campus has several bookable labs with differing capacities:

Bookable Labs: Nanaimo

Location Student Instructor Special software additions
Bldg 180 Room 248 20 0 Simply Accounting
Bldg 250 Room 110 24 1  
Bldg 250 Room 115 36 1 SPSS, Simply Accounting
Bldg 255 Room 105 22 1  
Bldg 255 Room 120 22 1  
Bldg 315 Room 112 35 1 Simply Accounting
Bldg 315 Room 113 18 1 GIS
Bldg 356 Room 221** 10 1 Ed Media Lab**
Bldg 356 Room 340 20 1 SPSS

These labs, as with all rooms, must be officially booked through Room Bookings. To do this, you must first check the room availability online.

** Note: The Ed Media Lab (Building 356, Room 221) is a special circumstance. If you wish to use the Ed Media Lab you must first check availability with (Faculty of Education). Once she has determined it is available, you then email Room Bookings with your request as per Step 3 below.)

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2. Generate a "Room Booking Report" to identify a potentially available room/lab

You may have to generate several reports varying your room/lab, dates and times before you find an available place.

Note: the booking report generates a weekly report--even if you ask it for one particular day. It helps if you know not only the date you're after, but also the corresponding day of the week.

The report is not the last word on whether the room is available. Consider it "likely" available. To book the room you must now email Room Bookings with your request.

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3. Request a Room/Lab Booking with and Email to "Room Bookings"

Once you have determined that a suitable room looks available, you now email "Room Bookings". If you want to book a space(s) for more than one time, you will need to do separate emails. When emailing Room Bookings, your email should look something like:

I am interested in booking Building XXX, Room XXX on [specify date & time] for my [course name] to [ purpose for the booking]. The Room Booking Report indicated that the room/lab was available for this date and time. Please let me know if you can accommodate this booking.

If you are booking the ED Media Lab (Building 356, Room 221), when you email Room Bookings, you must state that you have contacted Heather Burke who indicated that the lab was available on the dates you have requested. When you email Room Bookings, copy Heather Burke as well.

If the room/lab is available, Room Bookings will email you with the confirmation. You should carry this with you on the booking date in case of scheduling conflicts with individuals who did not officially book the room.

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