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OLTD/MEdL Major Project Archive

OLTD/MEdL Major Project Archive

Spring 2019

  • Adult Education Reconnection - A resource for adults in BC looking to fulfill secondary credentials for graduation using an online platform for coursework and enhanced through face-to-face support

 Adult Education Reconnection

Author/Designer: Erin Borsoff

  • Primary BlendED- A web-based resource for primary teachers wishing to apply a blended delivery model to enhance their f2f instruction in the areas of primary Reading, Writing and Numeracy.

Primary BlendEd

Authors/Designers: Carla Takach, Danica Farrell and Gina Farrell

  • Career Life Education - This site was developed as a resource to assist teachers and schools in Delivering and facilitating career education under BC's new curriculum standards. The aim is to provide a reference of available resources that could be utilized in a blended environment to assist in delivering career-life education, while allowing educators to successfully transition to the new paradigm in BC. 

Career-Life Education

Author/Designer: Dewi Griffiths

  • Pathways 2 BC- A Resource Toolkit - This resource was designed to facilitate International students to successfully transition from Post-Secondary studies to the workplace. Take the journey through the pathways from education to immigration to employment. Discover your pathway from education to employment in British Columbia.

Pathways 2 BC

Author/Designer: Corinne Hamel-Taylor

  • Mobile Learning - A Teacher's Toolkit: Harnessing Mobile Technology To Engage Students In Their Own Learning- This website has been specifically designed with that in mind. With a focus on Junior Sciences (Grade 9 & 10), this resource seeks to highlight the advantages that mobile technology has to create flexibility in the learning environment that can engage students and allow them to communicate that learning to stakeholders. As such, mobile devices are well place to be utilized as a tool that can enable students to self-assess and report their attainment of the new BC Curriculum's Core Competencies.

    Mobile Learning

    Author/Designer: Robert Hills

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