Initial Teacher Education: Outcomes

Outdoor learning at Neck Point Park.

Both the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program and the Bachelor of Education – Post Baccalaureate (PB) programs, prepare pre-service teachers to meet the Professional Standards for BC Educators (Professional Standards), have a thoroughly articulated grounding in Principles of Teaching and Learning, First Peoples Principles of Learning, and contain both embedded and extended practica. Both programs are aligned with BC's redesigned curriculum and are informed by personalized learning allowing for flexible learning environments well versed in ecological and environmental learning, and First Nations perspectives and knowledge. Pedagogy is based in current educational research. The development of reflexive practice is emphasized through recursive self-examination of pre-service teacher philosophies of teaching and learning.

Both the B.Ed. and PB programs are grounded in the Faculty of Education Vision Statement and framed through the Teacher Education Program Curriculum.  Graduates of our program are granted a Bachelor of Education degree and are recommended to the Teacher Certification Branch for a professional Certificate of Qualification.