Admissions Process: Education Programs Initial Teacher

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Thank you for your interest in Initial Teacher Education programs in the Faculty of Education at VIU. VIU offers two program streams leading to a Bachelor of Education degree; the B.Ed. Program for applicants wishing to entry directly upon completion of secondary/high school OR for those applicants who have completed approximately two years of post secondary studies, as well as the the Post Baccalaureate Program for applicants who have already completed an undergraduate degree. All programs begin in the Fall semester with no program running over the summer break.

Successful completion of any of our initial teacher education program will lead to recommendation for 'professional certification' at the BC Ministry of Education Teacher Certification Branch; a requirement for those seeking employment at any BC public, independent or offshore schools.

For full details please refer to the "Admissions Requirements" tab in the VIU Academic Calendar pages for each specific program as follows:

Updated: 18 January 2021