Online Learning and Teaching

OLTD 501  (3)  Introduction to Online Learning - Competencies and Environments

An introduction to fundamental research, theories, design models, and technologies applied to effective online teaching. Students review program expectations and outcomes and define the infrastructure of informed practice for digital learning environments. Copyright, licensing, and appropriate use issues are considered. Learning supported objectives are investigated relative to a diversity of environments. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Bachelor of Education degree.

OLTD 502  (3)  Digital Learning Continuum

An exploration of the continuum of learning that can take place in online environments from supplementing face-to-face class teaching to mounting hybrid/blended or fully online courses. Topics include comparing pedagogical approaches, creating and selecting resources, building levels of interactivity for learning, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and facilitating change. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 501.

OLTD 503  (3)  Online Communication

Theories, models, and strategies are applied to inform best-practice in online communication. Synchronous and asynchronous environments are examined. Tools, platforms, and applications are explored to scaffold learning. Strategies for moderating and facilitating effective online learning are presented. Communities of practice are established and applied to student achievement. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 502.

OLTD 504  (3)  Learning Systems

Students will explore learning management and content management systems for hosting and organizing online learning activity. Investigations will look at proprietary (e.g. Desire2Learn), open source (e.g., Moodle), and non-traditional systems (e.g., Web 2.0) regarding the pros and cons and technical competencies for the design of learning activities and course management. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 503.

OLTD 506  (3)  Special Topics - Social Media

Beginning with the underlying philosophy of Web 2.0, this course will investigate educational use of social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), open and fenced systems, developmentally appropriate use of social media, digital footprint considerations, development of digital citizenship, as well as the evolution of supporting policy and procedures. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 505.

OLTD 508  (3)  Mobile Learning and Gaming

Examining the underlying concepts driving the adoption of mobile and gaming technologies in education, this course will investigate potential devices/apps/games, issues (e.g. supporting infrastructure, management, digital divide), resource selection, integration in curriculum, and potential venues for creating mobile and/or gaming content for educational use. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 507.

OLTD 509  (3)  Emergent Environments and Technologies

Emergent and evolving learner environments and technologies will be examined. Frameworks for assessing, selection, and deployment will be developed. Educational application of tools (e.g. QR codes, Smartobjects, thin film displays) along with environments (e.g. augmented reality (AR), Second Life) will be investigated to enhance student engagement. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 508.

OLTD 510  (3)  Capstone Learnings

This capstone course synthesizes the cumulative knowledge gained throughout the program. Pedagogical strengths and challenges of various user environments are explored. ePortfolio projects are completed and presented which include a significant service component. A Masters Prospectus is developed as a precursor to further Graduate studies. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 509.

OLTD 511  (3)  Special Topics: Blended Learning

Students will focus on blended learning theories and their potential role in brick-and-mortar and online learning environments. Current models of blended learning will be examined using specific case studies. Students will apply instructional design concepts to the creation of blended learning opportunities. Frameworks for blended/hybrid learning environments will be developed. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 506.

OLTD 512  (3)  Instructional Design

Students will investigate learning theories and their implications for online delivery. Instructional design models will be explored and the suitability and merits of each will be applied to specific learning contexts. Content design, presentation, development of learning activities and authentic assessment practices will be applied to online course design. (7.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: OLTD 504.

Online Learning and Teaching Graduate Diploma


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