Prior Learning Assessment Process

Vancouver Island University is committed to broadening access for all students and to meeting the needs of adult learners through the recognition of prior learning.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) involves evaluation of the knowledge and/or skills an individual may have gained through non-formal education/training or experience and the granting of appropriate credit by Vancouver Island University. Skills, knowledge and competencies that have been acquired through work experience, recognized or unrecognized education or training, self-study, volunteer activities, and other life experiences can be assessed for credit. The processes include, but are not limited to, personal interview, challenge exam, portfolio, portfolio-assisted assessment, skill demonstration, oral or written exams, work samples, and assessment of credential(s) earned. To determine whether you are a good PLA candidate, use the Open Learning Agency self-assessment tools.

Make an appointment with the Sport, Health, and Physical Education Chair, Louis Mattar, at 250-753-3245 Ext. 2493. The Chair will identify faculty knowledgeable in the content area and be available to work with the PLA candidate. The faculty member will contact the student for a preliminary meeting to discuss the PLA process and timelines. Evaluation tools will be examined to determine if the candidate meets the learning outcomes for the course they are seeking credit. If accepted, the student registers as a PLA candidate for the course. Forms are available from Eve Novotny in the SHAPE office (B356/Rm. 266). The faculty member gives permission to register for a PLA section of the identified course. The student returns the form to Registration and registers. Information regarding PLA for specific Physical Education classes.