Sport, Health and Physical Education (SHAPE)

Our Name will be Changing to Kinesiology starting September 2020.

Our Vision

We value people.

Our faculty develops authentic relationships with our students and educational partners through a commitment to listening, sharing, playing, and learning.  We celebrate these social connections as the foundation of our work.

We inspire active citizenship.

In our lives and in our work, our faculty and students strive to model the attributes of engaged, respectful, and open-minded citizens. Our graduates will nurture and champion meaningful contributions that improve local and global communities.

We value learning.

Our faculty engages in developing rigourous and exemplary teaching and learning experiences that support student success. Our commitment to co-creating these learning experiences fosters the adaptive expertise required of our students and of our faculty to make meaningful contributions to an ever-changing and complex world.

We strive for excellence.

Through purposeful teaching and learning, we prepare our graduates to be leaders in their field. With a commitment to effective and evidence-based pedagogy, we demonstrate our highest standard of disciplinary expertise and employ constructive assessments that promote all aspects of academic integrity.