Recent Hirings and Teaching Updates 2016

We are proud of our Faculty of Education program grads who have found rewarding teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms, ABE, ESL, training, college and universities, tutoring and other educational institutions- near to home and abroad. Your success is our success! Please contact us to update your listing or add a new position.

Congratulations to our graduates filling these positions.

Graduates on our District & Independent Schools TOC Lists- Spring 2016/Fall 2015:

  • Parksville/Qualicum SD#69- Laura Rae (Grad 2015)
  • Calgary Board of Education- Sarah Kuhn (Grad 2016), Brad Topowski (Grad 2016)
  • Parksville/Qualicum SD#69- Emma Taylor (Grad 2015), Mark McKinnis (Grad 2015)
  • Surrey's Khalsa schools (private schools in Surrey)- Balreet Mandar (Grad 2015)
  • Aspengrove Elementary and The High School at VIU- Luke Fletcher (Grad 2015)
  • Cowichan SD#79 - Liz Pontious (Tiffin) (Grad 2015), Kelsey Bell (Grad 2015), Allan Cameron (Grad 2015), Corrine Borgford (Grad 2015)
  • Vanderhoof SD#91 - Troy Lucas (Grad 2015)
  • Sooke SD#62 Chris McLeod (Grad 2015)
  • Nanaimo/Ladysmith SD#68 - Allison Girard (Grad 2015)
  • Powell River SD#47- Jaimie Dunbar (Grad 2015)
  • Vancouver SD#39 - Jesic Cheliak (Grad 2015)

Past Graduates on our District TOC Lists:

  • Nanaimo/Ladysmith -- Richard Schmidz (Grad 2014), Christina Coilfi (Grad 2013), Adam Lowry (Grad 2014)
  • Parksville/Qualicum --Heather Deering (Grad 2014)
  • Salt Spring Island-- Beth Turcon (Grad 2014)
  • Victoria-- Chris Chan, Ayla Ederm (Grad 2014)
  • Robin Dimock is a TOC with SD39 in Vancouver
  • Fiona Dalrymple (Grad 2013) is a busy TOC for Cowichan District #79
  • Dean Thorsell (Grad 2013) is pleased to join the TOC list in SD #47 Powell River
  • Megan Young (Grad 2013) is pleased to join the TOC list in SD #47 Powell River
  • Fraser Buck (Grad 2013) is a member of the TOC roster in District #62 Sooke
  • Cody Miller (Grad 2012) is a TOC in the Sea to Sky SD#48 and North Vancouver SD#45 districts
  • Sarah Nielsen is a busy TOC with North Vancouver Island School District (#85)
  • Suzi McLeod (Grad 2012) is TOCing with Comox Valley district (#71)
  • Christine Robbins (Grad 2013) also TOCs for SD#64 Gulf Islands
  • Jess Vatcher (Grad 2013) is a busy TOC with Cowichan District (#79)
  • Melody Conchie (Grad 2012) Campbell River SD#72

NEW May/June/July 2016

Next Fall I will be starting a new job at Brentwood College School where I will be a full-time Learning Support teacher.

Gillian Coy (Grad B.Ed 2010. Grad M.Ed 2013)

I have had a full summer indeed, and now poised on the brink of a new life; Full time teacher of Kindergarden! I've been hired by a small independent school on Salt Spring Island (The Salt Spring Centre School) and I am able to begin getting organized in my new classroom tomorrow. I just thought you would like to know. Thank you for the ways in which you supported me getting here!

Mariko Ihara (Grad 2015)

I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone at VIU Post Bac Program for all your preparation and training to become an educator! I now have a temporary .9 job at St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary in Chemainus teaching a grade 2/3! A lot of the VIU lessons taught apply to both high school and elementary school settings. I'm so excited and thankful,

Sarah Sorgiovanni (Grad 2016)

NEW January/February/March/April 2016

1.0, Nechako Lakes SD#91

Janice Beck (Grad 2015)

I am now teaching my second year as a full time teacher in district 68 as the Elementary life skills teacher at Rutherford school. This job entails teaching the 9 most vulnerable students in the district. The program will be moving to Gerogia ave school in September 2016. This Job has been a result of taking the SETS program and being prepared to teach students with diverse needs.

Dan Dawes (Grad 2005) (SETS diploma 2012)

I am delighted to let you know that I have a temporary contract teaching primary music in Comox!

Deanne Delage (Grad 2015)

I have been given a contract to work as a math teacher at Sino Bright (China) in September

Jaimie Dunbar (Grad 2015)

I'm back in Nanaimo at Aspengrove School. I taught a Gr 2 maternity last year (upon returning from Egypt) as now am permenantly in Grade 4. I'm so blessed that I have full time employment and I love the IB program that Aspengrove offers.

Mindy Elgie (Grad 2006)

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been offered (and accepted) a full time social studies teaching position at Brentwood College School. This opportunity came from my year of interning at the school. I would highly recommend interning at a private school to any of the new education students, such a great way to get your foot in the door. Anyway, I am SUPER excited and wanted to share the news!!!

Sarah Hall (Grad 2014)

Grade 4, Delia School of Canada, Hong Kong
Ontario curriculum
Every child at this school has a laptop (grade 4 - 12) or iPad (KG - 3) they are required to bring everyday. Every class has a smart board (whiteboard style, so you can write on it as well), excellent tech support and the wifi works all the time! The whole school operates on gmail and uses google docs for sharing resources and team planning. I love it. I'm learning a lot.

Kerri Orser (Grad 2016)

I was hired last June for the full time Sept - June contract teaching Grade 2/3 in Campbell River district! Very exciting and extremely overwhelming at the same time.

Jenna Weise (Grad 2015)

Ryan has been recently hired by BCCIS, the BC Offshore School in Cairo, Egypt.

Ryan Wilkes(Grad 2015)

NEW October/November/December 2015

I am still with the Vancouver School Board, but am excited to also be a part of the growing Surrey district too.I recently completed a summer school contract with the VSB teaching Beginners Spanish 11.

Michelle Henkel (Grad 2015)

After some initial apprehension about being a new teacher on the Lower Mainland, things are working out well. I'm getting steady TOC work with the Maple Ridge School District and the West Point Grey Academy (where my partner Simon teaches). I've also been accepted into the Music Education Graduate Diploma Program at SFU, which starts in May. I'm really excited to be on my way to becoming a music teacher!

Bridget Meagher (Grad 2015)


Qeq College Program Coordinator, Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Bridgette Alexandra (Grad 2008)

Life is great! I am currently gainfully employed in Calgary enjoying my first fall in my very own classroom teaching Grade 3/4 if you can believe it! Not where I thought I would end up but loving every minute!

Maddy Anderson (Grad 2015)

I hope all is well with you! I just made it back from "iday" event in Leeds and have accepted a Year 7-9 Science Position at Trinity Academy Halifax, Yorkshire, England!!
Thanks so much for having Engage come to our school - they are amazing and supportive every step of the way!..

Lisa Arnold (Grad 2014)

Lauren Bush continues her busy life as a TOC with Classroom Connect in London, England. "Jolly good Lauren."

Lauren Bush (Grad 2012)

Wanted to let you know that I have been awarded a temporary contract in the Saanich district. It's small for now, but has potential to grow. The position is a k/1 and learning support.

Chris Chan (Grad 2013)

I'm not sure if you are aware but I am also working full time, and have been since January of 2013, at Ditidaht Community School in Nitinaht Lake. I am the grade 3/4 teacher there :)

Christina Ciolfi (Grad 2013)

Ashley Clackson (Grad 2013) heads to Columbia to begin her teaching career.

I'm not sure I've ever replied to update where I landed! Concurrent grad Dec. 2007, working full time early primary up to 3/4 since March 2008 in SD71. Currently at Courtenay Elementary K/1 or 1/2 for a fourth year. I'm one of the lucky ones, but it goes to show that it can happen!

Rebecca Coley-Hutchison (Grad 2007)

Margot Croft is employed with VIU's Environment & Sustainability Dept. as their Administrative Assistant.

Margot Croft (Grad 2008)

I'm at Wellington Secondary School, Nanaimo. BC. I'm the Skills for Life teacher, there. I've had this position for the last 6 years.

Dee Hartig (Grad 2002)

Sarah and I are still happily teaching in South Korea. We have now been here for 11 years, and are presently working at Daegu International School, where Sarah teaches 1st grade and I am the middle and high school principal. All three of our children will be attending school with us next year! Life is great in South Korea!

Scott and Sarah Jolly (Grad 2000)

1.0 Temporary contract teaching Math in Williams Lake, BC

Kevin Kurkiniemi (Grad 2015)

More info to encourage teachers to work their French!! I have a straight grade 2 this year in French Immersion. How happy am I?!

Jean La Cheminant (Grad 2012)

I have been hired as a full time district TOC in Vanderhoof. I moved here on the 22nd of January and have been working every day since then. Right now I am covering for a teacher who moved, teaching planning 10, psych 12 and applied math 10. I'll be doing this position until at least the end of the week.

Troy Lucas (Grad 2015)

I've been teaching grade 5 for two years now at Queen of Angels in Duncan. I'm very happy with our staff.

Patrick McCan (Grad 2010 )

Hello all! I am happy to update you with good news! After TTOCing for a few short months at the beginning of the year, I became a regular TTOC at the Langley Fine Arts school, where I connected with fabulous teachers who have similar teaching philosophies and styles to my own! Over the summer I continued to communicate with the teachers I met, and in September I received three invitations to job share for the 2015-16 school year. My education at VIU has prepared me to be a versatile and creative teacher, which helps immensely since I teach: Grade 1 (common core), Grade 2 Drama, Grade 6/7, 8 and 9 Drama, Grade 9/10 Physical Acting, Grade 9 Physical Education, Grade 9/10 and 11/12 Body Fit For Life, Grade 11 English, and Grade 12 Psychology. On my "day off" on Wednesday, I am regularly in the school as a TTOC. I absolutely love the variety: I learn something new, reflect, and grow each and every day!

Michelle McNaughton (Grad 2014)

...Just thought I would catch you up! I am teaching gr. 3/4 at Cobble Hill .6. I taught gr. 4/5 at the beginning of the year. I am enjoying teaching thoroughly! Last year I was the computer teacher... And even taught sewing! Loved it! I also taught Eng and SS, but loved teaching other classes where you see students so differently and can help them excel!

Debbie McQuhae (Grad 2006)

I'm now in Burnaby teaching Learning Support at an elementary school. Take care!

Olivia Mark (Grad 2006)

I am a teacher who graduated from your Post-degree Education Program the first year you began the program. I have been teaching Theatre at NDSS for the past 8 years.

Martha Parker (Grad 1998)

I'm back on Haida Gwaii and I am in a temporary position in the elementary school from September to December. I am the music/ library teacher as well as doing some student support. I'm excited and looking forward to this school year.

Wendy Pazarena (Grad 2015)

I graduated the BEd. program in 2014 and have been teaching as a Substitute in Grande Prairie, Alberta!

Courtenay Pederson (Grad 2014)

I graduated last June and after working a few weeks as a TOC in Campbell River, after the strike, I got a teaching contract from November-June of this year. I teach grades 10-12 at Robron Centre, in an Alternate Behaviour program. I have 18 students who range from 14-18 years old and all of them are working towards graduating with individual programs. Talk about differentiated learning!
I'm keeping very busy, as I just complete the "Tribes" workshops, I'm currently taking "Rethinking Math" (a series of workshops over two years, to replace "First Steps in Math") and I'm involved in the "Assessment for Learning" initiative for the Campbell River School District.

Christine Pudsey (Grad 2014)

My name is Katherine Rycroft. I am a former student of VIU. Since graduating I have taught in Korea and Iraq, completed my M.Ed. at Memorial University of Newfoundland and am now currently working in Guatemala as a curriculum director at an international school.

Katherine Rycroft (Grad 2008)

Just to keep you in the loop, I graduated in June 2012 and I was hired by my local school district (SD#70 Alberni) by the middle of September. I have been working steady as a TOC. I have taught Kindergarten to Grade 10 and it has been wonderful! I was recently hired in a permanent position at 8th Ave Elementary teaching grade 4.

Nancy Sanders (Grad 2012)

I forgot to say I was hired in Surrey right after graduation and have been teaching grade 1. I recommend school district 36 to anyone.

Tyler Senini (Grad )

Thanks for the updates! I'm currently teaching in Port Alberni!

Tannis Seredick (Grad 2010)

I will be entering my third year in teaching this February. I teach two divisions of Band 6-7 at École North Oyster Elementary in School District 68. I also work as a TTOC in SD68 and serve as a voting member on the NDTA TTOC Committee.

Dylan Sharpe (Grad 2013)

I thought I'd inform you that as of Tuesday Aug 19th I have accepted a 1.000 continuing contract in Williams Lake at Lake City Secondary School teaching primarily Computer courses. See you online!

Christopher Sowden (Grad 2013)

I hope all is well in Nanaimo. I enjoy getting your emails with all of the upcoming teaching positions. Cody and I graduated from the Post Bac BEd program at VIU in December 2012 and we are both teachers in BC. We kept hearing that "there were no teaching jobs in BC" but we stuck it out, worked as TOCs, and took temp positions. I am happy to say that it all paid off. Cody Miller is a continuing teacher teaching chemistry, math, and hce at Argyle Secondary School in North Vancouver. I am teaching Grade 1 at St. John's School Vancouver in a PYP school and I love it. Thank you for all of your support!

Christina Smith (Grad 2012)

After graduating from my VIU Masters in Educational Leadership, I continue my teaching position at Ballenas Secondary School in Parksville, where I teach English 9-12 and Leadership 9-12.

Kathryn Standing (Grad 2010)

A few days before graduation and after my arriving in McBride B.C. I was hired on with School District #57 as a TTOC. I have just finished teaching Law 12 for the semester and will continue to be the IEP case manager as well as one of two L.A. Teachers until June.  There are always many challenging and rewarding opportunities for teachers who work within small communities.  I highly recommend it!

Trish Tomson (Grad 2012)

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I got my actual dream job in the Kootenay's! I guess I did a good job at the highschool last year in SD #5, as they have offered me a 0.6 continuing drama position at one of the middle schools!!I have a meeting this week to discuss about starting up an afterschool Youth Theatre program at the local theatre which will hopefully add to making up that 0.4. I'm getting super nervous but also extremely excited!

Beth Turcon (Grad 2014)

I wanted to drop a quick note to say hello and update you on what I have been doing. I am in my second year teaching at St. Joseph's School in Chemainus after transferring from John Paul II Catholic School where I taught for 2 years before. I feel like I have finally found my "home" (so to speak) and am loving early primary. While moving from SD#68 was a really hard decision, I am so glad that I jumped to Island Catholic Schools.

My classroom was recently featured on the BC ArtStarts website and I have been invited to be a guest blogger and share some of the learning activities as part of my classroom. We are currently one of six schools in BC with an Infusion: Arts in Education Grant and I can say that the information that Heather taught us in her classes has finally clicked! I am doing more things to do with the arts (... science, and language arts) than I would have ever imagined! I thought I would share the blog and my classroom website with you. I would love to come back to VIU for a visit soon.

Rebecca Wall (Grad 2008)