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Masters of Education- Leadership Degree (MEdL) Opportunity


Students who have successfully completed the 30 credit Online Learning & Teaching Diploma program (OLTD) may have the opportunity to enroll in the 10 credit Masters of Education – Leadership (MEdL) degree program. Note: Acceptance into the MEdL degree is contingent on approval from the OLTD Coordinator and/or the Faculty of Education's Chair of Graduate programs.

Vancouver Island University’s Masters of Education in Educational Leadership program is designed for practicing and aspiring professionals in the education field who are focused on bringing educational and instructional leadership into their schools via blended, face-to-face and fully online delivery models.

The OLTD/MEdL degree option offers OLTD diploma graduates the opportunity to research, design and develop an applied Major Project with a companion five-chapter Process Paper (thesis) document.

MEdL students engage in a comprehensive review of the literature based on a critical challenge question. Research and design projects have students critically investigate a topic of specific interest to their current teaching practice and their OLTD course learnings. Students work independently with an assigned Project Supervisor to guide their research, design and development work.

There is no residency requirement and all research and development work in conducted entirely online.

Two, five credit courses make up the OLTD/MEdL degree opportunity— MEdL 680 Field Inquiry followed by MEdL 690 Major Project. It is expected that graduate candidates will complete the MEdL program within two academic semesters following OLTD. (Note: A fast-track option may be considered in consultation with the OLTD/MEdL Program Coordinator.)

MEdL 680- Field Inquiry - Students begin development of a Major Project and companion Process Paper in a self-directed setting with a MEdL Faculty Supervisor.

MEdL 690- Major Project - Students complete development of a Major Project and companion Process Paper in a self-directed setting with a MEdL Faculty Supervisor.

Graduates of the OLTD/MEdL program find employment in leadership and instructional positions in the public and private education sectors, K-12 and post-secondary, in both brick and mortar and Distributed Learning (DL) environments.

For further information please contact the Program Coordinator:

Mary O’Neill

Note: BC certified teachers in the public system will secure an additional BC TQS salary increment with the completion of the MEdL option. Please check with the TRB regarding your specific situation.

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