AlumniED Newsletter - Spring 2009 Convocation Issue

photo of Dr. Harry JanzenDean's Message from Dr. Harry Janzen

Greetings and welcome to the Spring 2009 Convocation issue of our Alumni ED Newsletter.

Convocation offers an opportunity to reflect on our successes over another academic year and to congratulate our deserved graduates.

This term our busy Field Experience Office placed 247 students in 73 schools in 8 districts. Our first cohort of students enrolled in our Masters of Education-Leadership program have now completed their second semester and have begun to shape their central questions towards their thesis work. Finally, a special cohort of Post-Baccalaureate degree students have begun their journey in our new part-time program based in the Saanich Peninsula.

VIU's Faculty of Education continues to fill the need for qualified, certified and enthusiastic educators, both here and abroad. Congratulations to all our graduates-- past and present.

Dr. Harry Janzen, Dean, Faculty of Education

Spring Convocation 2009

Convocation is always an exciting event here at VIU and our recent graduation celebration was no exception. On Tuesday, June 2nd, 6 students graduated with their Bachelor of Education degrees from both our Concurrent and Post-Baccalaureate programs.

We wish these new graduates much success as they enter the teaching profession:

  • Kari Anslow
  • Joyce Bartram
  • Julie-Anne Cote
  • Roslyn Davies
  • Ira Pelletier
  • Fay Tippett

David Hossini (Grad 2008) and his partner enjoying the May 2009 Spring break in Yanghsuo, China.

Our Feature Graduate: David Hossini -- Teaching and Learning in China

"My time so far in China has been amazing. This really is a remarkable period in my life as coming to China has been the first time I have traveled and I am starting my career at the same time. For these reasons I was nervous to arrive not really knowing what to expect. I wondered what classes I would teach because my classes had already changed three times before I left. I wondered what the kids would be like. I wondered what the school would be like in comparison to schools in Canada. I wondered what the city would be like, especially compared to Nanaimo. But most of all I wondered how I would do as a brand new teacher. Sure I made it through the Education program and felt great through my practicum, but how would it be in the “real world”? As it turned out everything has been great."

"My classes have been a challenge, that’s for sure. The high school I am working in is an off shore BC school teaching a BC curriculum to English speaking students. Although some of them are fluent speakers and listeners in English, many of them struggle to listen, speak, think, and write all in English. There is almost no need for discipline here so we are able to spend so much time teaching, which we need because many of the students need that extra support. Our school also boards the students, and that means that students’ lives here are pretty structured. We have school from 7:40 until 3:40, and then students have a break with supper before hitting the books for evening tutorials and supervised study time. It’s definitely different than my experience back in Canada. Overall the group of students here is great; they are happy kids that are a joy to teach."

"The city that I am in is great as well. Tianjin is one of few country run municipal areas in China. It is very large, more than 10 million people. We, luckily, live in a smaller area called TEDA (Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area) that is about an hour’s drive from the city center. It has a much smaller population as it is an economic area that people commute to for work. The best thing is that we can get almost anything that we need or want so it doesn’t feel like we are on the other side of the world. The food is cheap and so are massages so we can live very comfortably. Although the city is a bit dirty compared to home, there are beautiful parks and the spring here has been beautiful and warm."

"The highlights so far have been traveling to the Great Wall and to Guilin, riding the bullet train, seeing Beijing for its size and busyness, meeting a whole new staff that is wonderful, and most importantly getting paid to do something I love. It really doesn’t feel like work. I meet new challenges every day whether they have to do with teaching or just living abroad.

"I am thankful to the [VIU] Education Program and all the people involved at VIU for helping prepare me for my teaching career.

We Hire Our Grads!

VIU is pleased to include these Education Program grads amongst our list of valued staff and faculty.

Patricia Adam, Instructor, ABT programs
Andrea Blakeman, Manager, International Homestay
Sean Broderick, Instructor, The High School at Vancouver Island University
Margo Croft, Educational Technology Assistant. TLC
Ivan Cormier, Library Assistant, Client Services, Library
Valerie Hodge, Interm Director, English Language Centre, International
Joanna Lord, Instructor, Career & Academic Prep, Cowichan
Andrew Marchand, Educational Technologist, TLC
Chris Madarasz, Instructor, ABT programs
Drea Moffatt, On Line Development Assistant, VIU Online
Lillian Morton, Instructor and Advisor, Faculty of Education
Bonnie Postulo, On Line Development Assistant, VIU Online
Dana Pynn, Instructor, The High School at Vancouver Island University

If your name has been missed from our listing please contact us to be included in our "honour roll."

Recent Retirements

We are pleased to celebrate Mary Abbott's, Neil Smith's, and Nancy Randall's upcoming retirements but very sad to sorry to see them go. Thanks to each of you for sharing your wisdom, enthusiasm and unique talents with our many students and grads over the years here at VIU and Malaspina. Your passion for teaching and learning will carry on in the daily practice of each of the students you have shared with.

Share your best wishes:

Graduate Drea Moffatt Gives BackGraduate Drea Moffatt Gives Back

Recent graduate, Drea Moffatt (centre), gifted the Faculty of Education with $500.00 to benefit the use of educational technology. Drea donated the gift on behalf of her grandfather & grandmother, Jim & Mae Moffatt, on the one year anniversary of Drea’s grandfather’s passing.  Jim Moffatt was an active light in the Nanaimo community-- first as a resident and insurance agent, then in community service as regional district board member and alderman. He fought for creation of the Beban Park Recreational Centre and new police station. He met Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Princess Diana, and Prince Charles as a representative of Nanaimo.  Jim held memberships with Toastmasters, Kiwanis, ACT, the Legion, Whitecap Fishing Club, Probus, the Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Board, and Rotary, and volunteered in innumerable other ways.  In 2008, Jim’s work in the first city council of Nanaimo earned him recognition as a Freeman of the City. Mae Moffatt began her profession as an educator in a one-room school house in Manitoba. Once Jim & Mae moved to British Columbia, she wanted to continue her professional life teaching—and thought about attending Malaspina’s (now VIU’s)Education program—but it was not to be. Mae dedicated herself to her family and supported Jim in his civic life.

Drea continues Jim’s tradition of contributing to her local community through this gift to the faculty and Mae’s dream of graduating from VIU’s (formerly Malaspina’s) Education program. Thank you, Drea.

Recent Hirings

Well over 1400 students have graduated from the Faculty of Education since our inception in 1989. If you are one of them please contact us to update your employment status and be added to our growing list of graduates teaching in schools locally, nationally and internationally.

Please visit our Recent Hirings and update your contact Information via VIU's Alumni Relations department.

Quotes from Our Graduates...

"The diversity of experiences [within the Education Program] has increased my capacity to be a more effective teacher.  The program is full of enthusiastic high achieving students who are able and willing to support their fellow classmates.  If you want to start a career in the teaching profession this program is the correct one to take."

John Wall (Grad 2006)
Teacher, Alberni District Secondary

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