Hirings and Updates- Spring 2010

We are proud of our  Faculty of Education program grads who have found rewarding teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms, ABE, ESL, training, college and universities, tutoring and other educational institutions- near to home and abroad. Your success is our success!

Congratulations to our graduates filling these positions.

I have a continuing grade six contract for SD81 up in Fort Nelson, BC. I am also coaching the Jr. Boys and Girls basketball teams. It has been busy but I am enjoying it lots. I sure do miss the island weather, but work is more important.
Tyler Abraham (Grad 2006 )

I have been teaching fortwo and a half years now at PrespatouElementary-Secondary School. Prespatou is located north of Fort St. John, which is where I'm living. I'm teaching grade two and am loving it!
Kathleen Ali (Grad 2006)

I am working as a teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing inthe North Okanagan/Shuswap School district! Lots of fun!
Kristina Baker (Grad 2007)

I have taken a wonderful job a little closer to home at Evergreen Independent School in Cobble Hill. I teach grade 3/4 here in a.9 position and I am hard pressed to think of a job I would leave here for. Thanks to all for everything!
Karen Bernard (Grad 2007)

Just dropping a note to say I have been hired by SD 68 as a Visual Arts and Elementary specialist TOC. I have only been on the list for a week and have worked everyday! :)
Shannon Bingham (Grad 2008)

It was nice to read the updated list and at least recognize a few names on there from my grad class. I'm sure that more of them have work, but like me, have failed to mention it to you:) I am currently teaching Year 3/4 at a private schoolin Western Australia and loving it! I am the school's First Aid Attendant and run the After-School Sports Program. Life is busy to say the least!
Take care,
Heather Bishop (Grad 2008)

I am currently a School Support Teacher at Bayview Elementary in Nanaimo!!!!
Moved back to civilization!!!
Virginia Burns (Grad 2005)

I am still teaching in Zeballos (Vancouver Island West SD84). This year, my 1.0 Kindergarten/Grade 1/Grade 2 teaching position became a continuing contract! Yay! :)
Loving life on the west coast of the island and the amazing little community I have been welcomed and included in. Life and teaching are going wonderfully.
Amanda Burrows (Grad 2007)

I am teaching full day KG at Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy in Richmond, BC
Lisa (Cartwright) Crosse, (Grad 2001)

I just got hired on as a TOC in School District 69 (Qualicum) and got my first call the very next day!
Claire Champagne (Grad 2009)

…I was just hired on Monday for a 3 month contract as a TOC in Surrey at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School teaching French 8 and Spanish 9/10. And I start right after Spring Break on the 22nd!

Ragine Chaytors (Grad 2009)

I have spent the last2 years as theOPT Sexual Health Educator for School District #68. I most recently moved to the West Coast as I was hired as the Planning 10/Drama teacher at Ucluelet Secondary School. Thanks for keeping us in the loop:)
Kind Regards,
Natalie Chelsom (Grad 2009 )

I've been working as a TOC in sd47 (Powell River) since February 2009, and applying for all the elementary postings in my district. Have learned over the past year that I make a much better primary teacher than high school so I am now focusing onteachingelementary. Hopeful for atemporary positionwithin the next year.
Samantha Christmann (Grad 2008)

I know you keep track of these things so I wanted to let you know I have been hired by Shawnigan Lake School to teach in the learning center (the center assists struggling students). Hope you are well and I miss you!
Gillian Coy (Grad 2009)

That is great that so many people have gotten a contract or are TOCing. So far, I have had 3, year-long contracts in Nanaimo. I have a full time contract teaching grade 6/7 (English track) at Quarterway this year.
Erin Currie (Grad 2009)

I am teaching at Kwalikum Sec. School teaching Art and Math. Of course, I am loving it, and am so thankful to have such wonderful students that make me laugh everyday. It is my dream job come true :)
Maree Damburg (Grad 2008)

I am currently on the TOC list in SD 82 in Stewart, BC. Still adjusting to life in Canada after 5 years in Japan. Hope all is well at MUC, I mean VIU!!!!!
Nancy Danuser (Grad 2003)

I have just been hired by John Barsby for my third contract. I will be teaching HCE 9, Planning 10 and English 8 through to the 30th of June 2010.
Daniel Dawes (Grad 2006)

I am TOCing in Parksville these days in French immersion classes mostly. I also got on the TOC list in Cowichan but am primarily working in Parksville. TOCing is definitely an eye opener, but I am so happy to be out in the schools staying current and continuing to learn from other teachers.
Victoria Elliott (Grad 2009)

PASS/Woodwinds Alternate School, Parksville, BC
Hope all is well with you and the changed crew "on the hill".
Jim Fleischmann (Grad 2002)

Some stunning news;I am the new shop teacher at Cedar Community Secondary. I am teaching woodwork and metalwork ranging from grade 8-12; I think I have found a home. I clicked my heels threetimes and landed in Cedar, how did I get soo lucky? Some times the magic works.
Dave Fraser (Grad 2009 )

I hope you remember me!  Right now I'm working as a TTOC in SD68, getting lots of work and enjoying it tremendously.  It took two years of pestering for an interview but it finally paid off for me.  I thought you might like to know what I've been up to!  Take care!
Ed Graf (Grad 2006)

Just wanted to let you know that I am now teaching full time at Dover Bay. I am teaching English 8 Core, English 9 and English 9 Enriched, Dance 8 and Planning 10. Hope all is well with you!
Take care,
Chelsea Grovum ( Grad 2006)

I am teaching at Seaview Elementary (School District 68) in the grade seven class. Since graduating in 2005, I have enjoyed full time employment each year. This is my 4th school in 4 years, teaching grade seven in all four schools. I have enjoyed every minute of my teaching career so far and I am looking forward to a continuing position in the near future. Hope all is well with you, take care.
Kevin Hooper (Grad 2005)

I'm not sure what you have on Scott and I but nothing much has changed. Scott is continuing as the principal of Busan Foreign School [in Busan, South Korea] for the third year now. Sarah is on a year maternity leave with our third child and will resume her job as the kindergarten teacher in September 2010.
Thanks again,
Sarah and Scott Jolly (Grad 2000)

I am teaching grade 2/3 this year (2009-2010)in District 69 and enjoying every busysecond of it!
Megan Jones (Grad 2007)

Hope all is well at the university. I have been fortunate enough to walk right into a TOCing job in Williams Lake and am loving it.
Sonja Kurkiniema (Grad 2009)

I started out working full time in Parksville as a grade 6 teacher and then had a stint at Qualicum Beach Middle, but I've been working for the past three years now at PASS/Woodwinds Alternate School in Parksville where I'm the Fine Arts and History teacher. I LOVE IT! Hope all is well for you too Mary,
Jayne Lapper (Grad 2000)

I just checked to see where I was, I have since been teaching grade 1 inPortAlberni and loving it.
Janick Lenormand (Grad 2006)

Iam officially a TOC now. I got called out yesterday - they asked I said yes and I went. I also was called this morning so yeah!!!! Two days in a row right off the bat is wicked for me!!!
Erin McMenamin (Grad 2009)

I was hired in September at Khalsa School in Surrey. I have a grade 6 class! :)
Christine McNeil ( Grad 2002)

Avalon Adventist Junior Academy- Principal and Teacher (Planning 10, P.E. K-6) I am in Port Hardy
Mike Markin (Grad 2009)

I amteaching grade 1/2/3for my second year at QwamQwum Stalicut here in Nanaimo.
Mariah Michaud (Grad 2007)

Drea has been recently hired (March 2010) by VIU’s Online Development team as an Educational Technologist. She will be involved in instructional design for online course delivery.
Drea Moffat (Grad 2008)

I am teaching Grade 10 English in a Local all girls High School in ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates .
Kacy Morgan (Grad 2007)

In September 2009, I started a 1.0 job at Lake Trail Secondary in Courtenay, BC. The first semester I taught 4 classes: 2 blocks of PE 9, 1 block of Science 8, 1 block of Math 10 Essentials. I also coached the Jr. Girls Grade 9/10 Volleyball team. This semester, I'm teaching 6 classes: 2 blocks of PE 9, 2 blocks of Health and Fitness 9/10, Math 9 and Math 9 Honours. I'm also coaching the Girls Grade 8 Basketball team. I have a year long advisory group and involved in various school functions.
busy busy busy busy busy year!
Simmy Mukhija (Grad 2008)

I have a half time teaching jobin SD85 until the end of the year teaching prep-time from Kindergarten to Grade 9.
Kelsey Nesbitt (Grad 2007)

Ijust wanted tolet you know that I have a contract with SD 70 teaching a grade 2/3 class and loving it!!
Stephanie Pelland (Grad 2010)

I've been taking the SETS program since graduating in 2008, and it got me hired in West Vancouver. I'm the High Incidence Learning Support Teacher at two schools in the district. It's keeping me very busy and I'm learning more and more every day. I've found a great fit with the job and the district :)
Amelia Poitras (Grad 2008)

I am happy to tell you the news that as of last week I got a contract to teach 2 blocks of Math 9 at John Barsby secondary school in Nanaimo. The teacher on leave is tentatively to return in april but there is a great possibility that I will teach until June. So far it is going great, although it is only 2 blocks I am happy with this start as this is my dream position to teach high school math since I love math!
Denise Prihar (Grad 2008)

Thanks for all of the updates! I was hired as a toc for SD #79 a couple of weeks ago and have been working steadily since. It's been great :)
Shannon Ralph (Grad 2008)

It's been a while, but here is my update: I was lucky to find a full-time job straight after graduation, albeit in another country. I taught in England for 2 years as a Year 3 teacher, and am now back in Canada, teaching in north Alberta. I am teaching grade 1-4 split this year with 11 children, which can be a challenge, but the kids are great. I'm hoping to come back to the island for September.
Melissa Ramsey (Grad 2006)

I am a TOC for district 43 (Coquitlam). I started officially today but didn’t get called in. It’s not such a bad thing though as I have been exhausted with moving etc. I did get a call to see if I wanted to interview for a temporary contract though (which starts on our graduation day so I might have to miss grad ;(. It looks like things are going to be happening!.
Shalan Schachtner (Grad 2009)

I am now teaching Principles Math 11 and Principles Math 9at John Barsby Secondary. It is great!
Amanda Schulkowsky (Grad 2008 )

I am currently have a full time continuing contract at Neill Middle School in Port Alberni. This year my teaching load is PE and ESD. I am also enrolled in the VIU SETS program and should graduate this summer. You can take me off your hiring list. At this time my choices are stay or retire. Thanks for all your updates.
Donna Shannon, (Grad 2000)

I GOT A JOB!!! The Gulf Island Secondary in Salt Spring hired me for a temporary contract teaching Spanish in grade 12. I started last Monday and I love it! I actually went to the interview the morning on the convocation ceremony and they called me later that day to offer me the job. I hope this position becomes permanent because I love the school and the people in the island is kind and friendly. I will let know you what happens.
Maria Guadalupe Soto (Grad 2009)

Here's an update on my status: I have been TOCing in Vancouver (SD39) since last February. In December I also took on a part-time temporary contract involving teaching Computer Programming 10/11 at Tupper Secondary (a fantastic school!). TOC work is pretty scarce over here this year, so I feel very lucky to have a minimal contract position as well!
Katie Stafford (Grad 2006)

I have been back on the TOC list for SD 69 since September. I have been employed with them for over two years now and it's been really rewarding.
Amanda Stewart (Grad   )

I've been meaning to email since last Friday when I was hired as a TOC for SD #67 (Penticton/Summerland)! So exciting. I suppose the gods were keeping me from emailing until I had my first callout......which was today! I have another tomorrow as well and we'll see where it goes from there. Living the dream here in the Okanagan and loving it. Hope all is well there with you and thank you for all of your hard work keeping us motivated and looking for our dream jobs.
Samara  Stratton (Grad 2009)

I am currently teaching at ADSS in Port Alberni. 1.0 fte teaching Modified Literacy/Numeracy 9-12 and Planning 10
Natasha Taylor (Grad 2007)

I am now at NDSS teaching Capp 08 and Science 10, a temporary contract.

In 2007 I began the process of creating a network of highschool wrestling teams in Nanaimo. Now, 2 1/2 years later, we now have wrestling teams at Barsby, Cedar, Dover, NDSS, Wellington, and Woodlands.

There are well over 150 boys and girls in the programs. The program's core value is one of personal growth. There is no doubt that the kids we work with are achieving incredible personalgrowth.

Just imagine the courage it takes to physically go one on one with someone else on a public stage!

The athletesare also seeing some success on the mats and both haveboys and girls have earned medals at the provincial level.

There is a small chance of some success at the nationals this year, although this will be the first time that our athletes so we are primarily going to show them the next level!

My organizational efforts were recognized last year my Pacific Sport when I was awarded Nanaimo's Grass Roots Coach of the Year.

The development of the kids is far ahead of what we had anticipated and this lead to the decision for me toachieve theNational Canadian Coaching Program Competitive Certification for Wrestling. I did this in November and am nowallowed to coach mat-side at the national level.
Andrew Tuck (Grad 2005)

It's been a while since I graduated in 2002. I can't remember exactly how I got to where I am today, living the life Ido, but I'm here ... andI'm happy (and the road herewas fun). Spent some time East, but my husband and I found our way back to the ocean ... home! More recently,our 4 yr old daughter, Chloe,hastaken meon abeautiful adventure of parenthood. She made mealmost forgot how eagerI was to get in the classroom and teach.Balance is important though,andmy love for children and teaching never left, so I'm back at it. I have been working at West-Mont, afabulous Montessori school in Metchosin, BC., asanEarlyPrimary/KindergartenMontessori teacher ... my daughter also attends (handy, I tell you).
And Iguess I didn't get enough of thehomework, sleepless nightsand due dates in the Ed Program,because I'm taking the Montessori Diploma course on the side. Ha! There's no 'side' to be had, my life isconstantly in fast-forward, but nothing has changed in that regard.Gotta fly ... haha.
Happy teaching!
Shannon Volk (Grad 2002)

Things have certainly changed since I last checked in - for now you can put that I am a teacher on the NanaimoTTOClist. However, I have done a lot since graduation.

In the spring, I received a temporary contract teaching Drama 9/10, Drama/CAPP9, Performing Arts 11-12, and English 11. Upon returning from summer holidays, I subbedfor two weeks and then moved into another temporary contract as the Lead Literacy Teacher/Grade 1 at a primary school until December. I'm hoping another contract will come available soon and have been keeping VERY busy on the TTOClist. I have had some amazing experiences ... STILL, it can be quite discouraging waiting for more permanent work :-) I suppose it takes time when one chooses to stay in the Nanaimoarea :-) Regardless, I can't picture myself doing any other jobs ... Having my own classroom has definitely given me perspective for where I'm hoping to head in the future, etc.
I  hope all is well :-)
Becky Wall (Grad 2008 )

Thought I would add to the list of news. I graduated from the CC in December 08 and have been working on the #68 TOC list since the new year. Loving the variety of jobs and close to home work!
Leslie Wallis (Grad 2008)

Here's my update. I am currently on the TOC listwith SD#72 (Campbell River) and working!In addition, I am continuing towork with the local Child. Development Association as an autism interventionist. Finally, I have jumped rightback into school mode and I amcurrently doingthe SETS program(Special Education Teacher Speciality-post degree diploma). I am lucky enough to be spending my days"Teaching, Laughing and Learning" with some incredible kids.
Kylie Waters (Grad 2009)

I have been working a 0.7 contractat 8th Avenue Elementaryin Port Alberni since the beginning of the school year.I am teaching a portion of an all-day kindergarten pilot program and the other part of my contract is guided reading. I am really enjoying the experience as it is a very exciting and interesting time to be a part of a kindergarten program in this province.
Janine Widsten (Grad 2008)

I have been a TTOC in SD 71 (Comox Valley) since spring 2007. I have done a 2 month contract in a grade 6 class as well as completing a Master of Education in Leadership (City University). Currently, I am a staff rep for over 200 teachers (including me) teaching on call in this district.
Brian Willson (Grad 2006)