Hirings and Updates- Spring 2009

We are proud of our  Faculty of Education program grads who have found rewarding teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms, ABE, ESL, training, college and universities, tutoring and other educational institutions- near to home and abroad. Your success is our success!

Congratulations to our graduates filling these positions.

I'm back with Learn@Home this year and my contract increases to full time from February till the end of June. It's great to be back there again! I'm with 8-12. Teaching English, Communications, Information Technology, and Social Studies. I may be switching the S.S. for Family Studies soon though.
(Katia Dixon, Grad 2007)

Brandon Curr, and Cindy Anker both have contracts in SD 68 and Elaine Woodrow and Edna Hess/Perry have short contracts in Cowichan.
(Grads 2007)

…wow it is wonderful that so many of us are finding work. My contract at Dover Bay was extended until June, two blocks of Jr. Social Studies and one Tech class;this will mean I will have continuing status next year. I could not have hoped for a better start than this, life is good.
Dave Fraser (Grad 2007)

I am teaching Kindergarten and grade 8 English! Life is busy!
Deb McQuhae (Grad 2006)

I guess I have been remiss in not keeping you informed. I TOC'd last year Jan 2008-June 2008 in SD 69, as well as landing a 0.35 FTE to teach K - 5 music at Parkville Elementary. This past October, I started as a High School Band teacher at Cedar Community Secondary School in SD 68. High School Band was my goal upon entering when I took the post-bacc. Since thenI have been awardedone additional course to my teaching which makes me approximately 0.8 FTE now . I couldn't be happier. Hope this sees all of you healthy and happy.Take care
Hugh K. Middleton (Grad 2006)

You can add me to a list if you want, I am teaching 8-12 Metalwork, Auto mechanics and Social Studies at Port Hardy Secondary School
Kevin McGee (Grad 2001)

I just wanted to send a little thank-you to the staff and let them know that I found a job teaching exactly what I want to teach though it pretty far North. It's a high school biology position in Mackenize B.C. I leave Friday because they want me there for the beginning of the new semester on Monday. Thank-you for all of your support and encouragement through everything.
Take care.
Ellisa Drake (Grad 2008)

Just wanted to let you know that I am teaching English 8 and Theatre 9-12 at Wellington. it's 3 blocks and it's my dream job. It's only temporary. But I am excited!! And I am still working with VIUonline as well.
Drea Moffat (Grad 2007)

I'm doing pretty well as a TOC still in District 69. The year started off slow, but is picking up now and I am still loving what I do.
Megan Jones (Grad 2007)

Thanks for the update. It is so nice to hear what everyone else is doing.
I amcurrently in Williams Lake planningfor Science 10, 2 Resource Sciences and a Math class at Columneetza Secondary.Everyone here is very welcoming, helpful, and I am so excited to start on Monday!
Keep us posted!!
Maree Damborg (Grad 2008)

Mindy here, Grad class 2007. I am currently teaching at the BCCIS school in Egypt... if anyone shows interests and would like to know any information,please feel free to send my email along to them misselgie@gmail.com. I can provide a lot of insight for furture applicants. I will be staying on for another year at theschool as I am enjoying it very much!
Mindy Elgie (Grad 2007)

Just letting you know that today is Day 1 of my first job - a 1.0 at Hartley Bay, teaching the high school group (all 6 of them). Remote location, rather isolated, but I am made to feel very welcome (they had a dinner for me on Friday night with the most delicious eafood I have ever tasted). And I get satellite tv! Hope this note finds you well [Barb McLeod], and secure in the knowledge that yet another of your students is out there making a difference .. THANK YOU!
Glenn Grande (Grad 2008)

I am already over here [in Germany] teaching kindergarten. The class size is too big so we are trying to split the class and get a second teacher...Just thought I would update you.Take Care.
Marina Warren (Grad 2008)

I just got back from teaching Grade Two in Indonesia for a year and am in the middle of deciding if I want to renew a contract for April. I really had my heart set on going to a cold country next! Thanks.
Kristi Martin (Grad 2007)

I'm teaching Jr. and Sr. Alternate at Ladysmith Secondary School full-time. I graduated in 2002, but I've had two little boys, so I'm just getting serious about work now! I'm one busy momma!
Kristen Toole (Grad 2002)

It’s Natalie Michaud from last year... I hope this finds you well. I am working at K'ak'ott?ats'i School in Port Hardy.
Nat (Grad 2007)

Just wanted to update on my teaching position.
I have been teaching grades 1-3 at Qwam Qwum Stalicut in Nanaimo since September.
Mariah Michaud (Grad 2007)

I got the teachingjob in Germany!! Iam teaching 12 grade 4's and began in January.
Alexis Honeyman (Grad 2008)

I am teaching music this year K - 7 in Comox. When they closed 6 schools
last year mine was one of them and there were no more science math
positions for new teachers so I was lucky enough to get this
position. It is lots of fun and we just finished the Christmas
concert on Monday.
Take care,
Jean Schoenfelder (Grad 2006)

Rebecca is currently working as a TOCwith SD#79 after a short time on the list for SD#85 (Vancouver Island North). She continues to apply for postings as they come available.
Rebecca Wall (Grad 2008)

Jannine Snider was hired to a full-time 1.0 grade 3/4 teaching position in Port Alberni. (Grad 2008)

I just wanted to share the news that I have been offered a French Immersion full time Kindergarten position starting Feb 1st until the end of the school year!
I am very excited at the opportunity and I already know the morning kids from teaching them PE in the fall. The school is wonderful with great supportive administration and the teachers are helpful:)
Amanda Stewert (Grad 2007)

...It's great to get the alumni emails from you, I still feel a part of VIU. I am enjoying my 'time off' right now. Friday I had an interview for High School PE TOC and yesterday they phoned me to tell me I have been added to the list....YAY!!!! I am soooooo excited.
Bridgette Alexander (Grad 2008)

I'm starting my first teaching job on Feb 2nd! I'll be teaching Science 8 & PE 9/10 at G.P. Vanier in Courtenay. I'm really fortunate to get a high school position and I promise to make you proud.
Simmy Mukhija (Grad 2008)