Hirings and Updates Last Update: April 2011

We are proud of our  Faculty of Education program grads who have found rewarding teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms, ABE, ESL, training, college and universities, tutoring and other educational institutions- near to home and abroad. Your success is our success!

Congratulations to our graduates filling these positions.

Recent Hires to the SD#57 Prince George TOC List (February 2011)

  • Jessica Rand

Recent Hires to the SD#68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith TOC List (November 2010)

  • Tom Fogarty
  • Sarah Frostad
  • Brooke Hiltz
  • Angela Losch
  • Rebecca Stannard
  • Jesse Winter
  • Kimberly Woiden
  • Kuldeep Basi
  • Patrick Louie
  • Owen Paterson
  • Sarah Lowry
  • Jonathan Ludtke

Recent Hires to the SD#75 Mission District TOC List (April 2011)

      • Courteney Paugh

Recent Hires to the SD#79 Cowichan District TOC List (January 2011)

      • Sarah Lane

These recent grads (January 2011) are off to teach with The Maple leaf Schools in Dalian and Wuhan, China. Bon Voyage!

  • Mike Collier
  • Mike Greenslade
  • Jeff Laing
  • Petra Skalicky

I thought that I would email to let you know that this school year, I am back in Canada and am excited to be teaching a Grade 6/7 Late French Immersion class at Lansdowne Middle School in Victoria, School District #61, full-time. It's great to be back in Canada after living in France last year and many other teaching adventures abroad. Hope you are doing well.
Take care,
Sophia Aristou (Grad 2006)

“I am the new dance 10-12 teacher at Cowichan High School in Duncan. I am also on the Duncan TOC list and the Nanaimo TOC list..."
Ashley Bell (Grad 2011)

Sean Broderick is now Vice-Prinicapal at Ataguttaaluk High School, in Igloolik, Nunavit after spending many years teaching at Malaspina's International High School.
Sean Broderick (Grad 2001)

"...I'll be teaching Grade 2, and Jake will be teaching Grade 5 and doing a bit of resource room work at our school in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. We are so excited and are busy in the process of getting everything organized! We found out on Monday we had interviews, and then on Tuesday we had the interviews and were offered the jobs! It's been a bit of a whirlwind."
Laura and Jake Brzovik (Grad 2011)

I am still here in Telegraph Creek and loving it teaching Kindergarten to Grade 3. We are getting ready for the Tahltan Nation 100 year declaration.
Dana Caljouw, (Grad 2002)

I have been meaning to email you to share my good news with you.Perhaps you recall that I finished my post-bacc final practicum (deferred from the fall)this spring, and graduated in June.In July a job was posted at Queen of Angels Catholic School in Duncan (where I have been hoping all along to find work). I went for two interviews and was offered:

- 0.2 temporary (until Spring Break) in a Grade 5 class with 25 students (filling in for a maternity leave)

- 0.4 continuing in a Grade 1 class with 16 students

It has been a busy start to the fall, job sharing with two teachers and familiarizing myself with each curriculum, setting up routines, and all that fun stuff.
I feel truly blessed to have found a place at Queen of Angels, and can't thankyou enough for all of your support in getting me to this place.
I hope your fall is going well. Take care of yourself and send my regards to the rest of the faculty.
Pat Carter (Grad 2010)

...Oh and some good news for me, I was on temporary contract covering for a teacher on sick leave but I found out yesterday that the school is hiring me on permanently even if the other teacher comes back! The principal told me they dont want to lose me to the district so they are willing to make up a position for me! How great is that! Everything is working out great here, I'm glad I came and the adventures of teaching high school tech/math are definitely keeping me busy! I'm at Chalo School in Fort Nelson. Thank you, I'm very happy and excited. I'm lucky to have a job right away.
Ellie Dorosz (Grad 2011)

I graduated from the Ed program in 2009 and am now teaching in Parksville Qualicum. I started out TOC'ing and have since has 2 contracts. The first was last year in a grade 6 french immersion class and now this year in a grade 10 and 11 FSL class as well a grade 12 law.
Victoria Elliot (Grad 2009)

Just updating what I have been doing since graduating... I started off teaching in China and now I have been hired as a grade 7 teacher for the BCCIS school in Egypt!! I am enjoying slowly trecking my way around the world teaching!!
Tara Gordon (Grad 2008)

I wanted to thank you for contributing to my education at V.I.U. It was a wonderful feeling to be finished yesterday. I just found out today that I have been hired to teach grade one at John Howitt Elementary in Port Alberni starting in January! It is my practicum class and my sponsor teacher is going on maternity leave so it is nice that I already know the class and school so well! It is my dream to teach grade one and I can't believe it is happening so soon!
Thanks for everything and I will see you at convocation in January!
Lisa Gray (Grad 2011)

Well, I have my fifth "Skills for Life" class in five years. This year I'm at Wellington. Ladysmith, Woodlands, district, and NDSS before this!!!!
Dee Hartig- McQue (Grad 2002)

We're backat Busan Foreign School in Korea for the eighth year. Scott is the principal for the fourth year, and I am returning from maternity leave as the elementary ELL teacher (English Language Learner). We're not exactly new hires, but this is where we're at for the 2010/2011 school year.
Take care,
Sarah and Scott Jolly (Grad 2000)

Sarah has just accepted a .8 teaching position with Cowichan District teaching Dance and Social Studies 8. She is also on their TOC list.
Sarah Lane (Grad 2011)

I have been full time continuing for two years now [in Port Alberni.] I have been teaching Grade One and will likely be switching to Kindergarten in the next couple of years. I love my job!
Janick Lenormand (Grad 2006)

"...I just received a teaching contract yesterday at Porter Creek Secondary School in Whitehorse. Prior to that I was a "full time" sub at that same school.....which meant that I didn't get a phone call, I just showed up every single day and they always had guaranteed work for me. The contract I just received is a 0.5 consisting of Math 8 & Eng. 8. We use the BC IRP up here as well as BCeSiS so I'm totally at home with all this stuff.

Lorna is (without even trying to get her name out there) getting ~ 4 days/week subbing as well.....mostly Fr.Immersion though. The pay for subs is actually surprisingly less than down in southern BC; however, the pay grid for contractual teachers is ridiculous. A 1.0 for a first year teacher is $64,000 and it goes up over 11 a. to ~ $96,000. Two weeks March break as well."
Tom and Lorna Luxemburger ( Grad 2010)

I am currently a TTOC in SD 72 (Campbell River) and getting somewhat steady work doing that. Of course there are peak times and down times, but it's awesome to get the experience. I am also on-call with the Comox Valley Child Development Association for The Autism Program, working with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Exciting things are brewing; in September I am relocating to England to do a year of teaching there. I'm hoping to secure a long-term temporary contract in the Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) for the Sept 2011-July 2012 year. I will likely start out as a 'supply teacher' (TOC) but that's fine with me.
That's really all that is new with me. I hope this email finds you well! :)

Take care,
Katie Matthews (Grad 2010)

Things are well here in Toronto. i am still teaching...I am a computer literacy teacher... and just graduated with my Masters in learning and technology from royal roads last month. We are just waiting for the snow now and the cold! all is well... and love my job and memories at Mal!
I hope you are well and enjoying the island!
Ian McLaughlin (Grad 2002)

Interviews were on Wed. as another applicant had similar qualifications but it is now finally official- I am the Area Counsellor (temporary) for District 69 beginning on Monday! (Errington Elementary School and Oceanside Middle School)
Jen McRae (Grad 2011)

This year I am on Maternity leave with my second son, Stephen (May 11). Since graduating, I have taught the whole range of grades within different schools from K/1 at Farview to comparative Civilization 12 at Dover. If I were working this school year it would teaching jr English at Ladysmith Secondary making it my 7th school in 5 years. I hoping to find a home for myself within the district soon.
Angela Milligan (Grad 2004)

I am teaching English 8 and 9 this semester at Cedar Secondary. I’m teaching English 10 next semester.The students are still challenging me but it’s awesome!
Drea Moffat (Grad 2008)

... As for my update...I did my practicum in Charlie Lake which is 5 km outside of Fort St. John and after completing my practicum was set up for a TOC interview with School District #60 Peace River North. I then applied for a maternaty leave position which falls under the Special Student Services umbrella of the District. I begin this job as of April 4th working in a behavioral support classroom/library/gifted program assignment. As for the fall the opportunities seem promising. I expect full time work in the fall as well!
I also had the opportunity to work as a teacher/teacher assistant for one month full time at the Blueberry First Nations Reserve School...who I know will be looking for a full time teacher in the fall for a K-3 classroom.
Things are good!!!
Rheanna Morris Richert (Grad 2011)

For this upcoming school year, I will be working at G.P. Vanier Secondary School. I will be teaching Math 8, Math 9, Science 10 and Math 11 Essentials. I also look forward to coaching again and building positive relationships via sports. Vanier is an excellent school that excels in academics, electives and athletics. I'm very excited.
Simmy Mukhija (Grad 2008)

I thought you might be interested to hear that I am teaching! I have a full year contract at Cortes Island School teaching grade 3/4. it's nice, a great small school100 kids and 23 in my class. The teachers are very supportive and slowly things are coming together- I'veonly been here on Cortes since the beginning of October. It'sdefinitely a challenge having yourown class... but I'm sure things will start to groove ingood time.
Erin Nixon (Grad 2010)

I am doing very well! I'm on the TOC list in Nanaimo, and I am busy busy busy planning my upcoming wedding (Dec.2). I can't believe how fast time is flying by!
Amy Norman (Grad 2006)

I have luckily found contract work in Campbell River with SD 72 teaching 3 out of 4 blocks (Math 11 and Chemistry 11) since February. I have been extra lucky recently as our first son was born last week! He and mother are doing well.
Hope you and your classes are going well,
Ken Nylen (Grad 2010)

I am in SD50 Haida Gwaii and have been working steadily as a TOC at all levels (K-11)since January. Thanks, I'll let you know ifthings change for me in September, rumour has it they're going to :)
All the best,
Emmy O'Gorman (Grad 2011)

I have been just outside Shanghai since end of August teaching at a BC Offshore school here. I am teaching Business Education ... hoho...
An anarchist business teacher. Makes for an interesting perspective, I guess.
I hope all goes well for you at VIU.
Kim Petersen (Grad 2010)

I am still subbing by choice...mostly Ladysmith area...I love subbing!
Tracey Popovich Teneycke (Grad 2001)

I was hired in September 2009 by SD #70 (Port Alberni) as a 1.0 Student Support Teacher (Behaviour and Learning) for grades 6-8 with French 8. That contract lasted until December. After that I worked as a TOC all over the district. I enjoyed that TOC experience until around May when I started a long term TOC position in a grade 8 classroom. While I love primary, I had a great time with those grade 8s; they were a challenging, fun bunch and I appreciated being a part of their transition to high school. This Fall, I get to go back to primary because I have a contract teaching a Grade ½ split! I am excited and nervous for my first class that I will have ALL YEAR! It is great to hear all the updates!!
Susan Place, (Grad 2008)

".. I am in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I teach grade one to 28 girls. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and hallway. It seems very big but that is because there is not much in furniture. However, it is just right for me."
Valerie Rippon (Grad 2006)

Currently I have accepted a continuing contract teaching dance at Dover Secondary andI am loving it. Choreographing for this terms musical "Annie"and Iam amazed at all the talented students.
Tina Roberts, (Grad 2006)

I'll be entering my fourth year at PASS/Woodwinds Alternate School in SD#69 (Qualicum) this fall. I am the "PEP" (grades 5-7) and "Outreach" program (grades 8-12) coordinator/teacher and also teach Family Management 11/12. Previous to that I had several temporary contracts in SD#68 (Five Acres Alternate; Northfield Alternate; Nanaimo Correctional Centre).

At "PASS" I am fortunate towork alongside past VIU ED grads Jayne Lapper and Jim Fleischmann. I encourage future and past VIUgraduates to investigate opportunities in alternative education -- especially those who find themselves drawn to the at-risk and high-need students in their practicums and TOC work. I have found it to be an extremely rewarding career path as alternate schools provide the opportunity to makea big impact on smaller groups of students.I didn't know that I'd love it until I started doing it.

If there are any other "Alt Ed" teachers out there, I'd be interested in hearing where you are and how you are doing.
Patrick Rhode, (Grad 2003)

I just wanted to let you know that I landed a teaching job today!!!!!!!!! I have volunteered to teach an extra week of my practicum in Port Alberni (grade 4/5 split class). The last week of school before Christmas break is the craziest and the most fun so I had to stay. Anyways, yesterday when I was driving home from my eportfolio presentation, I received a phone call from the Principal of Maquinna Elementary School in Port Alberni. She said she had heard so much about me and she wanted to meet me asap. I met with her this morning and she called me back an hour later to tell me I'm hired and I start January 4th!!!!! It's a grade 4/5 same as my practicum placement.....a 0.7 job. I'm so excited and needed to share. I must have done a good job and impressed people because I have no connection what so ever to this school/Principal AND I didn't even submit a resume!!! Anyways, wish me luck! Happy Holidays.
Kristin Russell (Grad 2011)

I am now working full time at Dwight International School, teaching IBBiology, Bio11 and 12, and math 10,11. Also head of the environment group, getting ready to put in a large garden this fall! I teach fencing in the afternoons too. Real busy, but a fantastic place to work! Great staff and admin!
Valerie Russell, (Grad 2006)

I just wanted to share my good news with you. I got a teaching job! It's up north teaching Grade 1-2-3 French Immersion from January until June. It's a medical leave but they aren't sure if the teacher will return in September.They seem very happy to have me, which is encouraging, and have already put me on the school websiteI'd originally applied for a different job, in a different city within the same district. I had a 1-hr Skype interview with the superintendent at the beginning of November, which was such good experience. They went with the other shortlisted applicant, but I didn't feel bad because he was local and men in elementary French Immersion are rare! They called me to let me know that I didn't get the job but asked if I'd be interested in something else because they wanted to hire me. They called last Thursday about this job, posted it Friday and it closed the following Monday morning. So on January 1st I'm moving my kids and 2 cats 1300km away to teach in the great white north =)

I might start a blog about my first 6-months as a new teacher. I'm definitely looking for a way to start a good class website that I can password protect. The school has a webpage for each teacher, but I'd like something a little more interactive if the principal is ok with that. There is a Smartboard at the school too, but it's installed in someone else's class.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement over the last 18-months. I'm excited about bringing technology into my class, and I'm thinking about doing my Masters in Educational technology if I can find the right program.
Jenny Skidmore (Grad 2011)

Secondary Foods Teacher, William's Lake, BC
Lynn Slater (Grad 2011)

I will be teaching grade one at Nanaimo Christian School for this year Sept 2010 to June 2011! Tjhis will be my second year in the same position, and I love it!!!
All the best,
Jasmine Sonier (Grad 2008)

I am no longer in BC; I moved to Saskatoon about 3 weeks ago and am having a good time exploring the prairies. My application for a Saskatchewan Teaching Certificate came through a couple of weeks ago. I will be granted a provisional certificate as soon as I am hired by a local school board (which will be upgraded to a full certificate after a year of teaching). If all goes well I won't have to wait long: I have an interview to join the Saskatoon Public Schools' TOC list on Monday! (A follow-up to a phone interview back in February).
Congratulations all on your successes!
Katie Stafford (Grad 2006)

Hello all! I have recently signed a two year contract with Maple Leaf Schools in China and am teaching grade 10 & 11 math on an all-boys campus. The school is in the Jinshitan beach resort area of Dalian, People's Republic of China on the Yellow Sea. Classes don't start until Wednesday but I am settling in and looking forward to an exciting year of teaching and exploring Asia!
Cheryl Swan (Grad 2009)

I am the grade 7/8 and music teacher at John Paul II Catholic School in Port Alberni. I have taught at the school since September 2010.
Becky Wall (Grad 2008)

...I have a full time teaching contract in SD72- Campbell River. I teach"Skills for Life"-special ed.I have the privilege to work with the most exceptional students and oversee/collaborate with a team of 8 educational assistants. It is the most wonderful job!
Kylie Waters (Grad 2010)

I am back teaching at 8th Ave Elementary in Port Alberni this year. This time I will be teaching a K/1 split classroom.
Janine Widsten (Grad 2008)