Hirings and Updates Last Update: Fall 2011

We are proud of our  Faculty of Education program grads who have found rewarding teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms, ABE, ESL, training, college and universities, tutoring and other educational institutions- near to home and abroad. Your success is our success! Please contact us to update your listing or add a new position.

Congratulations to our graduates filling these positions.

Recent Hires to the SD#61 Victoria District TOC List (July 2011)

  • Rajene Chators

More members to add to the SD#68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith District TOC List

  • Jaymi Johnstone
  • Jas Shahi
  • Ed Graff

These recent grads (January 2011) are off to teach with The Maple Leaf Schools in Dalian, China.

  • Deidre Kennedy
  • Jonathan Lee
  • Jeanine Weibe (Grad 2009)

These recent grads (January 2011) are off to teach with The Sino-Bright School in Shanghai, China.

  • Jim Jutte
  • Michael Collier
  • Mike Greenslade
  • Ryne Barton
  • Petra Skalicky

An update from me: I am back for a second year at Lansdowne Middle School in Victoria (SD61) teaching my own grade 6/7 Late French Immersion class. Late FRIM is an exciting program and I am so lucky to have half of the same students from last year now in grade 7. I am also a Team Leader and the French Immersion Learning Support teacher this year. It's going to be an exciting and busy year!Hope all is well with you,
Sophia Aristou (Grad 2006)

I have just started work at my new school as a NET (Native English Teacher) in the public school system of Hong Kong. To be a NET in Hong Kong you must be a fully qualified teacher in your home country of Canada, England, The United States, or Australia. Schools get one NET teacher each at the primary or secondary level and we aid in the speaking and listening skills aspects of teaching. There are 13 English teachers in my secondary school of 800-900 students. I would advise other teachers that if you can really look into this experience for off shore teaching. You do have to sign a 2 year contract but you get summer's off and the teaching load is similar to that of Canada - maybe less depending on the school...
Richard Austen (Grad 2005)

Okay, I am finally coming clean on letting you know what I have been up to: After a busy year on the TOC list in SD#71 (Comox Valley), I taught for a year at Cumberland Junior School (Science, Math and PE). A few more months as a TOC and now I am working at GP Vanier Secondary School as one of the lifeskills teachers. I am happy to report that Becky Gibson Sulek(Grad 2008) is teaching (Math) at the same school!
Krista Barlow (Grad 2008)

I am currently teaching at Cinnabar Valley School, 1.0 FTE CONT, as the School Support Teacher! This is the first time since being back in Nanaimo district that I am starting the year with a full time position, that lasts all year, at one school!
Virginia Burns (Grad 2005)

.... I Just wanted to let you know I am in my second year at Ucluelet Secondary teaching Junior Physical Ed and Learning Support.
Claire Champagne (Grad 2010)

I hope everything is doing great with you!  I am teaching Grade 3 at École Océane this year, after a year 1\2 of grade 6-7 et one year of grade 2-3.  I am not satisfied by myself yet... but I am becoming a great teacher...  
Julie-Anne Cote (Grad 2009)

I am pleased to be working full-time at Shawnigan Lake School this fall, teaching grade 9, 11, and 12 English, and two blocks as a Learning Support teacher. I am also very excited to be starting my M.Ed. in Special Education at VIU this fall.
Gill Coy (Grad 2009)

I just wanted to let you know that I have a .752 posting at Bear Valley School in Stewart, BC. I'm teaching K-4 PE, 8-12 PE, some Learning Assistance, and Math 10-12 support for our students on DL courses. Say hi to any folks who might remember me!
Nancy Danuser (Grad 2003)

I have been offered and accepted a position to teach Grade 5/6 at haahuupay’ak Elementary school, here in Port Alberni. 
Sonja Efford (Grad 2010)

Stephanie has re-joined The Refinery in 2011 after completing her post-baccalaureate degree in education. This fulfilled a long term goal of returning to The Refinery to work alongside their talented and innovative team of consultants and clients. Drawing on her background in Sociology and her four years’ experience teaching in various sectors and countries, she brings a passion for leadership development, teaching, and adult learning to her new role as Consultant. This passion and experience allows her to create impactful and effective experiences for our clients. Strong and authentic relationships in all her work are paramount and she brings enthusiasm and energy to each client that she works with as she partners with them and fellow refinery consultants to design innovative approaches to leadership and organizational development learning. Currently, Stephanie is pursuing her certification in the Emotional Intelligence in Action assessment and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. She is eager to put these tools to use as she explores the challenge of designing experiences which transform organizations and people.
Stephanie Enns (Grad 2010)

I am now teaching shop at Cedar Secondary, woodwork and metal work/ jewelry making.
Dave Fraser (Grad 2007)

I am teaching Grade 1/2at Henderson Elementaryin Powell River (SD 47). It is my second year at this school andI am happy to be back.
Leanne Gahan (Grad 2007)

Kazue Fujiki has a diploma in Physical Education (91) and associated Education degree program completion ('93) at Vancouver Island University. Kazue is a now works as an international education consultant. Kazue is also a Tennis Canada certified tennis instructor who loves being active with her family. Kazue first came as an international student in 1986 from Japan and now resides with her husband and two children in Nanaimo. Kazue has made a lot of friends all over the world and life long friendships with many of the instructors and staff working at University over the years. Kazue enjoys being an associated board.
Kazue Fujiki (Grad 1993)

This year I am back at Ladysmith Secondary teaching dance 1/2 time, and I am now the Aboriginal Student Support worker for the other 1/2 of my time. Steep learning curve ahead, but looking forward to it!
Take care,
Chelsea Grovum (Grad 2006)

I am pretty excited right now so I wanted to send you a quick note. I just finished my first phone interview for two different LD contracts in SD57 (Prince George). Science 10, Math 11 A&W and IT9 or Alternate Ed and Science. I wanted to quickly thank you for everything you taught me, showed me, explained to me and mostly importantly, let me learn on my own with your guidance!Thank you again so much! Cross your fingers and toes for me!! Eek!!
Sincerely excited,
Alysse Hambleton (Grad 2010)

I just wanted to give you an update. I've recently been hired full-time for the 2011/2012 school year beginning August 1st, 2011.Grade 2/3, Ho'ala School
Wahiawa, Hawaii
Dara Hanegraaf (PB Grad, Dec 2004)

Vanessa Hitchock is off to Cairo, Egypt to join fellow program grads teaching at the BC Offshore School there. She was hired before she avtually graduated!!
Well done Vanessa.
Vanesssa Hitchcock (Grad 2011)

I have been working for the last month as the Foods 8-12 teacher at Agassiz Secondary School in School District 78.
Shannon Rigby-Jones (Grad 2010)

I am writing to say that I have just been assigned my first teaching position: I'm teaching English/First Peoples 10, 11, 12 at the Bella Coola First Nations School. I start August 22. I have never been there. I know not a soul who lives there. My 7 year old daughter and I are going together. The school goes from K-12, so she will be in the same building as me. I just wanted to share my happy news.
Lillian Jones (Grad 2010)

...I am back at Chemainus Secondary on my second temporary contract for the full school year teaching dance, drama, and socials 8. I can't believe how lucky I am! Fantastic school and great staff.I hope you are all well!
Sarah Lane (Grad 2010)

Not sure if I let you know last year. I am on the TOC list in SD71, started April 2010.
Dave Lantaigne (Grad 2010)

I am a TOC in Chilliwack at the moment and quite enjoying myself! Every day is a new adventure and every morning starts with MapQuest to find my new schools. I am enjoying both the area and the school district. I look forward to calling Chilliwack home for a long long time.
Sherry Liptak (Grad 2008)

I'm the Teaching Chef at Ladysmith while Holly Knox is away on mat leave. It's a .857 right now and I've applied for a SS 9 posting there hoping to top it up to a 1.0 position. Before I got the contract I was booked for the month of September. Things are going very well.
Jon Ludtke (Grad 2010)

I'm now teaching high school English a ADSS in SD 70 - Alberni. Previously was at a middle school (EJ Dunn) in Port Alberni.
Craig McAulay (Grad 2001)

My name is Adam. I graduated from BED last year. I love hearing about all the opportunities teaching abroad. Currently, I am inKunming China teaching Science 10 and IT 10. It has been great both for travelling and financially. Please keep sending these emails as I gear up for a new experience next year!
Adam McClinton (Grad 2011)

So busy getting the year going that I missed getting entered into the recent hiring’s list. I was hired last year with Heritage Christian Online School as a Teacher for K-9 Individualized Home Learners. This is my 2nd year and I have 36 amazing students in 17 families that I support. I am finishing the SETS program in June and hoping to utilize these skills with students in our school. I have also just been approved to write an online course which I am very excited about. Having a blast doing what I love: teaching and working with Home Learners!
April McLeod (Grad 2010)

I just finished my MA in Learning and Tech from Royal Roads last year...and feels great...but now have a little more responsibility at work!!! I am the tech lead teacher at a technology pilot school just outside Toronto ...and am responsible for educational software, sites and technology...it is a cool school...we are a k-5 school, 1000 kids, nice budget...and we have doc cameras, smartboards, ceiling mounted lcds in every room! Anyways...it is a great school...
Ian McLaughlin (Grad 2002)

I am working .9 as an Area Counsellor (Elementary/Middle School) in School District 69.
Jen McRae (Grad 2010)

I am very excited to leave government and begin working full-time as a teacher on Penelakut Island!!! I start on Monday!! Time to start planning!!!!!

Sheila McKee (Grad 2010)

I am just entering my 6th year with Heritage Christian Online School however last year I was hired as a special education teacher. Having had 9 years of special education experience with my son along with some neurodevelopment training, it was a perfect fit since I am homeschooling and supporting him along with many other students. Of the 1600+ students in our school, we have over 400+ students in our school who are either with learning services or special education so our special education team is growing exponentially.
Allison Miles (Grad 2000)

Well, I am now done with maternity leaves and have gone back to work. This 2011-2012 school year I am teaching .714 at Cedar doing English 8,9; Communications 11/12; Social Studies 11 and Planning 10. Already a busy and challenging time!
Angela Milligan (Grad 2004)

Just wanted to let you know I got a full time teaching job at Cowichan secondary. French 10 and 11!! Hope things are going well at the University.
Paul Mitchell (Grad 2011)

I'm on my 4th consecutive contract for the Comox Valley and have established continuing status :)This year, I'm at Lake Trail School teaching Jr Math/Science and will be coaching various sports teams. I've also started a tennis program with the help of Brenda Dean (In Your Court Tennis/Fitness), Tennis BC and Tennis Canada for highschool teens. We have grown to 100+ members in one year!
Simmy Mukhija (Grad 2008)

I just wanted to thank you for a great program at VIU. I got a job (through a connection with last year's sponsor teacher) to teach grade 2 in a private school in Vietnam. If all goes according to plan, I will be starting this new job on February 6, 2012.
Elicia Murdoch (Grad 2011)

I'm also doing a French Immersion program and feel that I will be able to teach French by the fall- triple yah!
Tracey Murphy (Grad 2009)

...This is Angelique. I am in Korea happily teaching! Some things are difficult, like adjusting to the heat, then the air coonditioner, then the heat, cicada song and lots of late night and spicy food (my 1am late bedtime in Nanaimo is like going to bed early here!) Also working from 1-8pm plus extra hours for prep and monthly reports is a switch,but mostly I'm spoiled :) And swiftly paying back my student loan (yyyesss! means aaasssaaa! in Korean :) Thanks for continuing to send out postings. I'm personally mostly curious about what's going on for employment for teachers and I'm sure it helps lots of people more immediately too! Hope all is well otherwise. I miss you all over there and am eternally grateful for your providing me with a good education :) Hello faculty! Thank you! I miss you!
Angelique Nash-Thurmier (Grad 2011)

I am happy to tell you thatI have received my second contract in SD72 and will be working as a grade 7 and grade 9 math and science teacher at Southgate Middle School in Campbell River until the end of June! GO GATORS!
Erin Nixon (Grad 2010)

Well, I just wanted to pass on that I have been hired as the English as a Second Dialect teacher at the Aboriginal Choice School in Prince George!
In the future if you have any other students like myself, who spent time overseas teaching English and were wanting to know if that experience would help them get a full-time teaching job, you can say "YES"! It helped me get a full time gig and I think others who enter the program with a similar background as myself would benefit from knowing that there are jobs out there for teachers who have ESL experience (you just have to work hard to find them).
Thanks again for everything,
Robin Pearson (Grad 2010)

...Well after being off for the past year on maturnity leave I am back at Wood Elementary full time teaching a Grade 3/4 split!!It's a whole new challenge teaching and being a mom to a one year old, but what an adventure!!
Stephanie Pelland (Grad 2010)

I just wanted to let you know that I am excited and nervous for my first full-time / full -year teaching gig. I will be teaching in the Late French Immersion program, grade 7 at E. J. Dunn Middle School in Port Alberni. I taught there for May and June as well, but this is different as my job is not a maternity leave like last year. I only have 18 students in my class and they are a lovely bunch so I really lucked out. Thanks for everything and I will keep in touch,
Samantha Stagg (Grad 2010)

...I have signed an one year contract with Brentwood College School, which I agreed to work point six workload teaching Mandarin. So, I am teaching three courses now and work every mornings. I have registered in the Victoria school district looking for a full time job either teach Mandarin or everything. That's my hope.
Fang Sun (Grade 2010)

Aboriginal Education Teacher
Alexander Elementary,
School District #79
Amie Uzzell (Grad 2001)

I am beginning my second year as a fulltime 1.0 Skills for life Teacher in SD72-Campbell River. This year I was offered a permanent continuing contract with the district which is very exciting. I case manage and teach a class of modified learners with various special needs and have the privilege to facilitate and work with a great team of educational assistants. I am also in the process of obtaining a post-degree diploma (category 5+) in special education through VIU and I’ll be finished in the summer of 2012.
Kind Regards,
Kylie Waters (Grad 2009)