Hirings Spring 2008

We are proud of our  Faculty of Education program grads who have found rewarding teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms, ABE, ESL, training, college and universities, tutoring and other educational institutions-near to home and abroad. Your success is our success!

Congratulations to our graduates filling these positions.

Teaching Appointments

Tyler Abraham (Grad 2007)
SD81 Fort Nelson, BC

Amanda Burrows (Grad 2007)
Grade 8, SD60, Fort St. John

Steve Colvin (Grad 2007)
ESL, Maple Leaf School Dalian, China

Sue DeRosa (Grad 2006)
Grade 6, .42, Uplands Park Elementary; Grade 2/3, .40, Rock City Elementary 
SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Katia Dixon (Grad 2007)
.8 English, Communications and Family Studies, Learn@Home, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Sara Dorgan (Grad 2006)
Grade 2/3, SD34 Abbotsford

Ryan Dvorjak (Grad 2007)
Gr. 8 Math, Neill Middle School, SD70 Alberni

Mindy Elgie (Grad 2007)
Grade 5, BCCIS, Cairo, Egypt

Carley Gibbons (Grad 2006)
Grade 6/7, Davis Road Elementary, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Chelsea Grovum (Grad 2006)
Dance 9-12, English 8 and English 11, NDSS, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Lori Henri (Grad 2007)
English 10, Drama 10 and First Nations Tutorial, ADSS, SD70 Alberni

Sarah Ingram (Grad 2007)
Science 8, 9, 10, and Biology 12, Aspengrove School, Nanaimo, BC

Corby Johnsen (Grad 2005)
Qualicum Beach Middle School,SD69 Parksville/Qualicum 

Shirley Kennedy (Grad 2005)
Pt. Time, Maple Bay Elementary, SD79 Cowichan Valley

Adam LaForest (Grad 2006)
Hong Kong (2 year contract)

Andrew Marchand (Grad 2007)
Educational Technologist, Teaching and Learning Centre,Contract Position, Natural Resources Extension Program, Vancouver Island University

Kristi Martin (Grad 2007)
Grade 2 , New Zealand International School of Indonesia,Jakarta Indonesia

Louise Massey (Grad 2003)
Learn@Home Teacher, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Linda McCallum (Grad 2004)
Gr. 2, Brentwood Bay Elementary, SD61 Greater Victoria

Mariah Michaud (Grad 2007)
Kindergarten, Kuper Island Band School, Kuper Island

Drea Moffat (Grad 2007)
English 8, English 9 and Drama 8, Dover Bay Secondary,SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Joe Morrow (Grad 2008)
Ladysmith Secondary School, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Leigh Nutt (Grad 2007)
Grade 5/6, The International School, Macae Brazil

Michelle Pfeffers (Grad 2007)
Pottery 8, Pottery 9-12, Art 9-12, and Humanities 8, Woodlands Secondary, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Nicole Pilote (Grad 2007)
Grade 2 and TOC, French Immersion, SD72 Campbell River

Crystal Rhual (Grad 2005)
Aspengrove Elementary,Nanaimo, BC

Lisa Rokeby (Grad 2007)
Grade 1, Pleasant Valley Elementary, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Kathy Saretzky (Grad 2007)
Grade 4, SD34 Abbotsford

Stephanie Spring (Grad 2007)
Guided Reading, Maquinna Elementary School, SD70 Alberni

Leigh-Ellen Stoyles (Grad 2006)
Grade 5, BCCIS, Cairo, Egypt

Sandra Stroh (Grad 2005)
.5 Chemainus Elementary, SD79 Cowichan Valley

Natasha Taylor (Grad 2007)
English 9 and 10, ADSS, SD70 Alberni

Blake Tobacca (Grad 2007)
Social Studies 10, English 10, G.P Vanier Secondary, SD71 Courtenay/Comox Valley

Sam Traynor (Grad 2007)
Agnes L. Mathers Elementary/Junior High School, SD50, Haida/Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Islands.

Marla Tusa (Grad 2007) 
Music, Aspengrove School, Nanaimo, BC

Lisa Van Es (Grad 2007)
Grade 5, BCCIS, Cairo, Egypt

Jamie Woodford (Grad 2005)
Contract position, Gr. 3, Queen Margaret's Elementary

Terri Zolob (Grad 2006)
Grade 1, Woodback Primary

Teachers On Call

SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith (Spring 2008) 
Brandon Curr, Stephen Epp, Dave Fraser, Heather Hanson, Kacy Morgan, Lisa Rokeby, Trina Teasdale, Marla Tusa

SD69 Parksville/Qualicum (Spring 2008)
Mike Avis, Erin Behnsen, Trish Bogle,  Angie Davidson, Jamie Hagarty, Megan Jones, High Middleton, Tara Owens, Amanda Stewart

SD71 Courtenay/Comox (Spring 2008)
Leigh-Ellen Stoyles

SD79 Cowichan Valley (Spring 2008)
Jennifer Beal, Heidi Calder, Tracy Cameron, Cara Hildebrandt, Kyla Thibeau, Lisa Van Es

Island Catholic Schools (Spring 2008)
Edna Hess, Erica Payne

SD61 Greater Victoria (Spring 2008)
Christa Maier

SD85 Vancouver Island North (Spring 2008)
Wendie Jensen

SD64 Gulf Islands (Spring 2008)
Elaine Woodruff

SD57 Prince George (Spring 2008)
Sara Anderson

SD27 Williams Lake (Spring 2008)
Chris Armstrong