Hirings Fall 2007

We are proud of our  Faculty of Education program grads who have found rewarding teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms, ABE, ESL, training, college and universities, tutoring and other educational institutions-near to home and abroad. Your success is our success!

Congratulations to our graduates filling these positions.

SFall 2007


Dee Hartig-McQue

F/T District Life Skills Teacher

(NDSS District Program), SD 68
Laura Tait               

F/T  Aboriginal Teacher Education, SD68
Lisa Crucil               

F/T   Elementary Zone Counsellor, SD68
Nancy Tomchick

F/T Learning Alternatives Teacher District Outreach, SD68
Krista Betts 

F/T   Grade 1-2 French Immersion, SD68    Pauline Haarer

Lonnie Sullivan

F/T Grade 6,  Brechin, SD68
Heather Marshall      

.8  French Immersion, SD68
Mike Ingalls

F/T Grade 6/7, Bayview, SD68
Jodi Crawford

F/T Grade6/7, North Cedar Intermediate, SD68
Nancy Stern

F/T Grade 6/7, Rutherford, SD68
Lori Weingart

.7, South Wellington, SD68
Robin Grubb

F/T Gr.7, Brechin, SD68
Margie Radigan

.5 Kindergarden, FJ Ney, SD68
Donna Wilkofrd

.832  Aboriginal Support Teacher, PE Prep, N. Oyster, SD68
Annette Flavelle

.42 Aboriginal Support Teacher, Mt. Benson, SD68
Wendy Robertson

F/T Grade 4/5, North Oyster, SD68
Erin Currrie

.8 Grade 6, Brechin, SD68
Josee Birch

F/T French Immersion Social Studies, NDSS, SD68
Sandra Kemph

 .714 Teaching Chef, Cedar, SD68
Burton Wei 

F/T Math Jr & Sr, Physics 11 & 12, Computer Programming 11/12, Woodlands, SD68
Ron Membery

F/T Physics 11/12, Chem 11, Science 9, Learning Lab, Cedar, SD68
Leah Koss

.857 Humanities 8/9SS 11, Hist 12BA En 10 Dance 9 – 12, Cedar, SD68
Gerald Rupp

.857 Math Jr, Social Studies Jr. Learning Lab, Cedar, SD68
Kendra Marin

.5 Math Jr. and Sr., Woodlands, SD68
Jeremy Inscho

.5 Math, Science 10, John Barsby, SD68

Sophia Aristou (Grad 2006)
BukPyeong Middle School,  Donghae,
Gangwon Province, South Korea.
Keri Blacker (Grad 2003)
Principal, Coast Tsimshian Academy,
Prince Rupert, BC

Christine Duketow (Grad 2006)
K-3, Cortes Island Elementary Secondary School, Cortes Island, BC

Meghan Girard (Grad Dec. 2006)
Grade 4/5, Alberni Elementary,
SD70 Alberni

Elicia Hack (Grad 2001)
Children of Integrity Montessori Academy
Coquitlam, BC

Valerie Hodge (Grad 2000)
Instructor/Coordinato,r ESL
Vancouver Island University

Julia MacKay (Grad 2006)
Clifford School, Clifford Estates,
Pan Yu, Guangzhou, China

Dana Moen  (Grad 2000)
International High School,
Vancouver Island University
Merela Raduta (Grad 2007)
F/T (temp.) Grade 1/2,
Pauline Haarer French Immersion
SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

Louise Thomson (Grad 2006)
Teacher/Librarian at Alexander Elementary SD79 Cowichan Valley

Terra Philips (Grad 2004)
TOC, Ottawa-Carleton School Board
Ottawa, Ontario